5th Grade Math Skill Practice

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Simplify Expressions
Perform multiple operations with whole numbers
Translate Expressions
Write numerical expressions
Complete a table and graph for a two-variable relationship
Word problems - multiply numbers ending in zeroes
Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
Number & Operations in Base Ten

Place Value
Place values
Convert between standard and expanded form
Understand the place values in decimal numbers
Read & Write Decimals
Place values in decimal numbers
Compare Decimals
Estimate sums and differences of decimals
Compare decimal numbers
Equivalent decimals
Rounding decimals
Multiply & Divide Whole Numbers
Word problems - multiply by 2 digit numbers
Word problems - multiply three or more numbers
Multiply by 2-digit numbers: complete the missing steps
Multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers
Multiply 2-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers
Multiply 2-digit numbers by larger numbers
Multiply three or more numbers up to 2 digits each
Multiply by 3-digit numbers
Multiply three numbers up to 3 digits each
Division facts to 12
Divide multi-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
Divide numbers ending in zeroes
Word problems - divide numbers ending in zeroes
Divide larger numbers by 2-digit numbers
Word problems - divide larger numbers by 2 digit numbers
Inequalities with decimal addition and subtraction
Word problems - Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals
Unit prices
Multiply Decimals
Multiply a decimal by a power of ten
Multiply a decimal by a multi-digit whole number
Multiply three or more numbers, one of which is a decimal
Multiply two decimals
Divide Decimals
Divide by powers of ten
Decimal division patterns over increasing place values
Number & Operations Fractions

Add & Subtract Fractions
Equivalent fractions
Reduce fractions to lowest terms
Word problems - add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
Multiply Fractions
Multiplying two unit fractions using models
Area of squares and rectangles
Word problems - multiply fractions by whole numbers
Word problems - multiplication with mixed numbers
Fractions review
Factors & Products
Word problems - area and perimeter
Multiplying two fractions using models
Divide Unit Fractions & Whole Numbers
Dividing fractions by whole numbers
Dividing whole numbers by unit fractions using models
Real World Fractions
Word problems - dividing unit fractions by whole numbers
Measurement & Data

Comparing customary units by multiplying
Converting mixed customary units
Addition and subtraction mixed customary units
Compare and convert customary units of length
Compare and convert customary units of weight
Compare and convert customary units of volume
Compare and convert metric units of length
Compare and convert metric units of weight
Compare and convert metric units of volume
Adding and subtracting metric mixed units
Data Displays & Analysis
Interpreting line plots
Volume of rectangular prisms using one unit cubes
Volume of solid figures using unit cubes
Measuring volumes by counting unit cubes
Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms with edge lengths
Volume of irregular figures made of unit cubes

Coordinate Plane
Coordinate graphs review - whole numbers only
Objects on a coordinate plane
Relative coordinates: follow directions
2-Dimensional Figures
Classify quadrilaterals
Identify parallelograms
Identify rectangles
Identify rhombuses
Parallel sides in quadrilaterals
Types of triangles
Number of sides in polygons
Is it a polygon
Acute, obtuse, and right triangles
Scalene, isosceles, and equilateral triangles