Ad vs. Add

Ad vs. Add

Do you know how to use the words ad and add? Did you even know that these two words-that sound the same and are spelled slightly differently-mean very different things? If not, then take this opportunity to understand how these two little words refer to very different things.

Ad is actually an abbreviation (a shortened form) of the word advertisement. An advertisement is an announcement that promotes a product or an event. Ad, or advertisement, is always used as a noun.

1. To sell his car, James took out an ad in the paper.

2. The ad said that these shoes would be 50% off today.

3. If we want people to buy the yearbook, we need to come up with a catchy ad for the school newspaper.

4. Look at this ad and tell me how it appeals to your emotions.

Add is a word that means to put together, join together, or total. Add is always used as a verb.

1. Now it's time to add the sprinkles to the cookies.

2. What will you get if you add 2 and 15?

3. Last summer, my parents added another bathroom to our house.

4. In math class, we are learning to add two-digit numbers.

It is always important to use words correctly so that your meaning is clear. While "ad" and "add" sound the same, you should make sure you are using them correctly when you are writing. Add to your vocabulary because your writing is an ad that showcases your intelligence!

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