Direct Objects Examples

Direct Objects

You already know that nouns are words that name persons, places, things, and ideas.

Nouns can function as direct objects. A direct object receives the action of the verb. In other words, it is the thing being acted upon.

Only action verbs can have direct objects. A direct object will never follow a linking verb.

To find a direct object:

1) Find the verb. Is it an action verb?

2) If it is an action verb, put the verb in the blank and ask "______ who or what?"

Examples of Direct Objects:

Examples of direct objects with explanation:

Example: Joe threw the ball.

Joe is the subject-he is the one doing the throwing.v

What did Joe throw? The ball is the direct object because it

receives the action-it is the thing that Joe threw.

Example: Quinn ate cereal for breakfast.

Quinn is the subject-he is the one eating.v

What did Quinn eat? The cereal is the direct object because it

receives the action-it is the thing that Quinn ate.

Below are some additional examples of sentences with direct objects.

Lauren played the piano. (Played who or what?) piano

Our class read Charlotte's Web. (Read who or what?) Charlotte's Web

Sandra likes chocolate cake. (Likes who or what?) chocolate cake

Pam saw Ann through the window. (Saw who or what?) Ann

Mom kissed baby Alice on the nose. (Kissed who or what?) baby Alice

Chad watched a game on television. (Watched who or what?) a game

Lois rode her bike to school. (Rode who or what?) her bike

Andrea patted the dog on its head. (Patted who or what?) the dog

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