Siamese Facts

Siamese Facts
Siamese is a type of Oriental cat that originates from Thailand (once known as Siam). This is an old breed (some of the oldest written traces date back to 14th century), but it hasn't been introduced to Europe and USA until the 19th century. Siamese is one of the most popular cats in the world. It is kept both as a companion and as a show cat today (all modern Siamese cats are divided in two groups: traditional and show Siamese cats, based on the morphology and their purpose). Thanks to the unusual coloration of the fur and elegant body, it can be easily recognized even by people that are not familiar with cat breeds.
Interesting Siamese Facts:
Siamese is medium-sized cat that can reach 8 to 15 pounds of weight.
Siamese is covered with short, silky fur. Its body is creamy-colored with dark-colored (brown, grey, red, lilac, blue or caramel) nose, ears, tail and paws. This type of coloration is known as pointed pattern and it is result of genetic mutation.
Siamese can be a good choice for people allergic to cats because of its short fur.
Siamese has round, triangular or wedge-shaped face, prominent, almond-shaped blue eyes, long nose, large, pointed ears and slender body.
Siamese was highly appreciated and respected among the members of the royal families in Thailand in the past due to widespread belief that soul of a deceased (member of the family) enters the body of Siamese after death.
Thai name for Siamese means "moon diamond".
Siamese cats have roamed throughout White House during the presidencies of Rutherford Hayes, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.
Siamese is smart, playful, loyal, calm and gentle, but it demands plenty of time and attention. It is not suitable for people that are rarely at home.
Siamese is social cat that likes to spend time both with people (including children) and other cats. It can build very strong bond with its owner.
Siamese is very intelligent and able to learn to play fetch, walk on the leash and perform simple tricks. It likes to play with puzzle toys and other "brain" games.
Siamese is very vocal cat. It "talks" with its owners via baby-like, meowing sounds. Females are especially loud when they are in heat.
Siamese doesn't shed much. It requires weekly brushing.
Siamese gives birth to 6 kittens on average. Kittens are white-colored at birth. At the age of 4 weeks, their fur starts to darken on the cooler parts of the body (nose, ears, tail and paws) thanks to heat-sensitive gene.
Siamese is prone to gingivitis, mammary gland tumor and progressive retinal atrophy.
Siamese has very long lifespan. It usually lives till the age of 15 to 20 years.

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