Taoism Facts

Taoism Facts
Taoism is a Chinese philosophical, religious, and spiritual belief system that teaches one to flow with life and to be true to one's nature. Taoism is one of China's five religions. It is one of three philosophical teachings which also include Buddhism, and Confucianism. Taoism began in the in the late 4th century BC under the work of Laozi, in the Tao Te Ching. 'Tao' means 'way' and Taoism is sometimes expressed as 'the flow of the universe.' Taoism's central value is naturalness, which one achieves by freeing themselves from desire and selfish thoughts and behaviors and embracing simplicity in life.
Interesting Taoism Facts:
The five religions recognized in China include Taoism, Islam, Protestantism, Buddhism, and Catholicism.
Taoism is also sometimes referred to as Daoism.
Taoism teaches that trusting one's instincts and gut is the path to finding one's true nature.
Taoism has survived as long as it has because it teaches to adapt to which allows followers to embrace modern culture rather than fight it.
The three most popular ancient Taoist works include Tao Te Ching written by Laozi, and one written by Lieh Tzu, and another written by Chuang Tzu.
Taoism teaches to reject hate, to reject intolerance, and to live with compassion, harmony, and balance in one's life.
Violence is considered to be a last resort in Taoism.
Taoism can help one to decrease stress in their life, which is known to cause illness.
Taoism teaches that bad deeds and sin result in illness.
The morality of Taoism is based upon three treasures including being charitable, being thrifty, and not putting one ahead of others.
Tao is not a god and Taoism does not involve worshipping Tao. Instead Taoism has deities that are worshipped in temples. These deities have particular roles and have titles associated with them.
Taoism involves scripture, meditation, feng shui, and fortune telling.
Taoism does not approve of lying, killing, and stealing. Instead it encourages charity, and kind and helpful behavior.
The physical practices of Taoism involve martial arts, yoga, meditation, massage and breathing exercises. These are mean to bring one into harmony with the Tao.
The diet and herbs and mineral use in Taoism which is meant to promote a longer life is called wai-dan.
The Taoist ritual called chiao is made up of several rituals that are meant to promote cosmic renewal.
Because much of the true elements of Taoism are orally passed on and not in writing, one can only truly learn Taoism by studying with a master.
Talismans in Taoism are made up of strips of paper with images, words, or symbols that are meant to purify, drive away evil, and even heal the sick.
Talismans are only valuable if written (or drawn) by a highly trained and qualified person who is considered to be in a state of purity.
The recitation of Tao Te Ching passages has been going on for more than 2000 years. This practice of reciting passages meant that people that could not read or write could learn them and recite them as well.

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