Golf Facts

Golf Facts
Golf is a precision sport where players use a variety of clubs to hit golf balls across the course, while trying to sink the balls in the holes in the fewest strokes. Nobody knows for certain when the game began, or where its origins lay. In ancient Roman times, there was a game called paganica, where players used a bent stick to hit a ball made of leather. A 1938 Ming Dynasty scroll depicts an image of swinging a golf-club like stick as a ball to sink it into a hole. The modern game originated in Scotland in the 1400s. The course at St. Andrews, one of the most famous in the world, and which is located in Scotland, has a links course that dates back to 1574.
Interesting Golf Facts:
Golfer Doug Ford predicted he would win the 1957 Masters, and that he would score 283. He was right on both counts.
The first woman to make the cut at a PGA Tour event was Babe Zaharias, in 1945.
The odds of making two hole-in-ones in one round are 64 million to one. Kassandra Komma achieved this recently.
The most famous left-handed golfer of all time was Righty Tighty, Lefty Lucy (also known as Phil Mickelson). He is really right-handed.
Only two sports have been played on the moon—golf and the javelin throw.
Celine Dion, a famous singer, owns a gold course in Quebec. It is Le Mirage Golf Club.
Golf has been banned three times in Scotland. The first time was in 1447, because it was interfering with military training. The second time it was banned was in 1471 and again in 1491.
Before tees were invented, golfers used to play off hand-made sand piles.
To walk 18 holes, you will cover approximately four miles and burn 2,000 calories. Golfers that choose to ride in the golf cart only burn 1,300 calories during their 18 holes.
Richard Lewis set the record in 2010 for the most holes played in one year. He played 11,000.
The longest putt on record is 375 feet.
The longest drive on record is 515 yards.
Tiger Woods, one of the world's most famous golfers, was only eight years old when he snagged his first ace.
The par 77 International Golf Course in Massachusetts is the longest course in the world at 8325 yards. This golf course also has the largest green in the world, at the 5th hole. It is more than 28,000 square feet.
A regulation golf club has 336 dimples.
The first golf balls were feather-stuffed leather balls. These were used until 1848.
Colby Orr is the youngest golfer to shoot a hole-in-one. He achieved this at the age of five, in Littleton, Colorado in 1975.
Golf balls travel farther in hot temperatures than in cold temperatures.
An American named Ab Smith coined the term ‘birdie' when he hit what he called ‘a bird of a shot' in 1899. This eventually morphed into the term ‘birdie'.
Only 22.8% of golfers are female.
Despite the popular myth, GOLF does not stand for Gentlemen Only—Ladies Forbidden.

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