Bugatti Facts

Bugatti Facts
Bugatti is a luxury sports car manufacturer that was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, an Italian artist and constructor. The company was founded in Molsheim, which is now part of France. The cars designed and manufactured by Bugatti became well known for both their beautiful design and for the races they won. From 1909 to 1950 Bugatti released approximately 8,000 cars, in a variety of designs. In 1947 Ettore Bugatti died, and because his son had died nine years earlier there was nobody to take over. In the 1960s the company was sold as an airplane parts business. In the 1990s Bugatti was revived to design and sell limited edition and exclusive sports cars. In 1998 Bugatti was sold to Volkswagen.
Interesting Bugatti Facts:
Ettore Bugatti was the son of Carlo Bugatti, an Art Nouveau jewelry and furniture designer.
Ettore Bugatti's son Jean Bugatti was born in 1909. He went on to design many of Bugatti's legendary models. He was head of the Bugatti racing team beginning in 1935 and often did test drives for cars.
The Type 10 "Petit Pur Sang" was the prototype created by Ettore Bugatti in his basement between 1908 and 1909.
The Type 13 racer was a 660 pound sports car. The car was entered into the 1911 French Grand Prix in Le Mans. It won second place after the seven hour race.
Bugatti continued to design new cars including the Type 15, Type 17, Type 22, and Type 23, which was built in 1913.
Bugatti Type 13s were entered into the Brescia Grand Prix in 1921. It was unbeatable and four Bugatti Type 13s placed in first, second, third, and fourth places in the race.
Bugatti designed the Brescia Tourer and built and released 2,000 of these vehicles between 1920 and 1926. It was the first multi-valve full production model car worldwide to be created.
A Type 22, 1925 Bugatti was discovered at the bottom of a Swiss lake, and sold for 260,500 euros in Paris in 2010.
In 1929 a Bugatti owned by a private party won the Monaco Grand Prix.
In 1939, Ettore's son Jean was testing a Type 57 race car near the factory in Molsheim. There was an accident and Jean was killed.
In 1940 Bugatti was forced to sell his factory to a German, by German forces occupying the region.
The factory was returned to the Bugatti's after World War II ended. A lack of money caused the company to decline.
Ettore Bugatti died in 1947 after having a stroke and then developing pneumonia.
After attempts to maintain the company, Bugatti stopped making cares in 1956.
In 1963 the company was bought by an aviation company to make parts.
Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. went bankrupt in 1995. In 1998 Volkswagen got the Bugatti brand rights.
The Bugatti Veyron was released in 2008. The car with chassis #1 sold for $3.2 million U.S.
In 2010 the Bugatti Veyron set the record as the world's fastest production sports car, with speeds reaching 431.072 KM per hour.
Bugatti continues to release new models of luxury sports cars, reaching extremely high speed capabilities and price tags.

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