Pluralization in French

To make a noun plural in French, there are two possibilities:
- The more often is adding –s to the end.

Singular Plural
Un sport (one sport) Deux sports (two sports)
Une voiture (a car) Deux voitures (two car)
Une pizza (one pizza) Deux pizzas (two pizzas)
Un magasin (one store) Deux magasins (two stores)
Un canapé (one sofa) Deux canapés (two sofas)

- Nouns and adjectives that end in -al, -au, -eau, -eu, -oeu, change in -aux, -aux, -eaux, -eux, -oeux.

Singular Plural
Un animal (one animal) Deux animaux (two animals)
Un château (one castle) Deux châteaux (two castles)
Un journal (one newspaper) Deux journaux (two newspapers)
Original (original) Originaux (original)
Un joyau (one gem) Deux joyaux (two gems)
Un neveu (one nephew) Deux neveux (two nephews)
Un voeu (one wish) Deux voeux (two wishes)

Of course, there are a few exceptions you'll come upon from time to time ; here there is some of them:

Singular Plural
Un caillou (one pebble) Deux cailloux (two pebbles)
Un genou (one knee) Deux genoux (two knees)
Un hibou (one owl) Deux hiboux (two owls)
Un bijou (one jewel) Deux bijoux (two jewels)
Un pou (one louse) Deux poux (two louses)
Un chou (one cabbage) Deux choux (two cabbages)
Un festival (one festival) Deux festivals (two festivals)
Natal (native) Natals (native)
Un corail (one coral) Deux coraux (two corals)
Un landau (one pram) Deux landaus (two prams)

The words already ending with "s", "x", or "z" at the singular form don't change with the plural form.
Singular Plural
Un gaz (one gas) Deux gaz (two gas)
Un prix (one price) Deux prix (two prices)
Un bois (one wood) Deux bois (two woods)

Be careful! The letter "x" or the letter "s" of the plural form are never pronounced!

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