3rd Grade Math Skill Practice

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Solve Equations
Multiplication Facts -Missing factors
Division Equations
Multiplication facts for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10: find the missing factor
Division facts up to 10: find the missing number
Properties of Operations
Properties of multiplication
Apply Properties of Multiplication
Understanding Relationship between Multiplication and Division
Complete the addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division sentence
Perform multiple operations with whole numbers
Missing operators
Finding Missing Factors in Multiplication
Missing factors - facts to 12 - word problems
One Step Problems
Multiplication sentences
Even or odd
Roman numerals I, V, X, L, C, D, M
Ordinal numbers to 100th
Division word problems - facts to 10
Multiplication word problems - facts to 12
Two Step Problems
Solve inequalities using estimation
Estimate sums
Estimate products
Estimate quotients
Number sequences
Ordering numbers
Addition input/output tables - up to three digits
Subtraction input/output tables - up to three digits
Multiplication input/output tables - up to two digits
Division input/output tables
Number & Operations in Base Ten

Value of a digit
Rounding - nearest ten or hundred only
Identify the digit with a particular place value
Convert from expanded form
Add two numbers up to three digits
Add two numbers up to three digits - word problems
Complete the addition sentence - up to three digits
Balance addition equations - up to three digits
Properties of addition
Subtract numbers up to three digits
Subtract numbers up to three digits - word problems
Multiplication & Division Facts
Multiplication - facts to 12
Multiply by 0
Multiply by 1
Multiply by 2
Multiply by 3
Multiply by 4
Multiply by 5
Multiply by 6
Multiply by 7
Multiply by 8
Multiply by 9
Multiply by 11
Multiply by 12
Division facts to 10
Division facts to 12
Divide by 1
Divide by 2
Divide by 3
Divide by 4
Divide by 5
Divide by 6
Divide by 7
Divide by 8
Divide by 9
Solve using properties of multiplication
Multiplication patterns over increasing place values
Multiplication input/output tables
Multiplication input/output tables: find the rule
Multiply three or more numbers
Multiplication facts up to 12: find the missing factor
Multiplication facts up to 12: true or false?
Multiplication sentences up to 12: true or false?
Number & Operations Fractions

Unit fraction review
Fraction review
Fraction review - word problems
Fractions on number lines
Equivalent Fractions
Compare fractions
Equivalent fractions: type the missing numerator or denominator
Order fractions
Compare Fractions
Order fractions
Order fractions with like numerators
Order fractions with like denominators
Compare fractions
Compare fractions using models
Compare fractions using number lines
Graph and compare fractions with like denominators on number lines
Graph and compare fractions with like numerators on number lines
Measurement & Data

Telling Time
Read clocks and write times
Elapsed time I
Match clocks and times
Match analog and digital clocks
Convert between hours and fractions of hours
Relate time units
Write times
Volume & Mass
Which metric unit is appropriate?
Compare and convert metric units of weight
Compare and convert metric units of length
Compare and convert metric units of volume
Data Displays & Analysis
Interpret bar graphs
Interpret pictographs
Objects on a coordinate plane
Area of figures made of unit squares
Area of rectangles
Perimeter of rectangles
Perimeter of rectilinear shapes
Perimeter of polygons

Classify quadrilaterals
Identifying quadrilaterals
Parallel sides in quadrilaterals