High School Geometry Math Skill Practice


Angle vocabulary
Translations: find the coordinates
Transformations that carry a polygon onto itself
Rotate polygons about a point
Transformations, Rotations and Reflections
Rigid Motions
Use the definition of Congruence in terms of Rigid motions
Congruent Triangles
Congruence Triangles (ASA, SAS, and SSS)
Geometric Theorems
Proofs involving angles
Proofs involving triangles
Proofs involving quadrilaterals
Geometric Constructions
Construct the midpoint or perpendicular bisector of a segment
Construct an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle
Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry

Similarity Transformations
Dilations and parallel lines
Dilations and scale factors
Similar figures: side lengths and angle measures
Similar triangles and indirect measurement
Prove Theorems Similarity
Proofs involving triangles II
Similar triangles and indirect measurement
Trigonometric Ratios
Trigonometric ratios: sin, cos, csc, sec, cot and tan
Complementary angles
Solve a right triangle
Trigonometry Triangles
Area of a triangle: sine formula
Law of Sines and Cosines
Solve a triangle

Similarity of circles
Inscribed angles
Perimeter of polygons with an inscribed circle
Tangent lines
Areas of Sectors of Circles
Arc measure and arc length
Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations

Geometric Description and the Equation for a Conic Section
Write equations of circles in standard form using properties
Write equations of parabolas in vertex form using properties
Write equations of ellipses and hyperbolas in standard form using properties
Simple Geometric Theorems
Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines
Area and perimeter of a triangles
Geometric Measurement & Dimension

Volume Formulas
Volume of cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres
Visualize Relationships between 2-D and 3-D Objects
Cross-sections of three-dimensional figures
Modeling with Geometry

Modeling Situations
Area and perimeter: word problems