Appeal to Consequences of Belief Examples

Appeal to Consequences of Belief

A fallacy in argument occurs when someone makes an argument that is not based on sound logic. One example of a fallacy is appeal to consequences of belief. The best way to think about this is that something must be true or acceptable because if it were not true or acceptable there would be negative consequences. It also works in the reverse. Something must be false, because there are positive consequences when it is false-or there are negative consequences if it is true.

Examples of Appeal to Consequences of Belief:

1. If you do not believe in God, you will go to Hell.

2. I do not think that children ever die-that just wouldn't be okay.

3. Hillary Clinton is not a criminal. I mean, if she were a criminal, then the American people have chosen a criminal to run in a presidential election.

4. This solution has to work, because what other choice do we have?

5. I do not believe in reincarnation because I would not like to come back as someone or something else.

6. I just don't believe that my friend lied to me, because if she did, our friendship would be over, and I am not ready for it to be over.

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