Appeal to Spite Examples

Appeal to Spite

A logical fallacy is when unsound or illogical reasoning is used to support or refute an argument or claim. Appeal to spite is one type of logical fallacy. When someone appeals to spite, he/she introduces a spiteful argument to refute a claim or course of action. Instead of arguing against a claim or course of action, the person attempts to get someone to go against it by playing on existing feelings of spite.

Examples of Appeal to Spite:

1. Yeah, Donald Trump wants to lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans because he says it will generate growth in the economy. But, why do rich people deserve a break? They are living it up while you are struggling.

2. I see that you are planning to vote for Sarah for class president. Don't you remember when she called you fat in elementary school? Why would you vote for her?

3. You might think Bonnie is a good candidate for the job, but doesn't it bother you that she never says hello when she passes you in the hallway?

4. How could you vote for Donald Trump? Don't you know what he says about women?

5. The government has failed you all. The middle class is broke, there are no jobs. The rich just keep getting richer. That's why you should vote for me because I will change it.

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