Stem Cells

There are many types of cells in your body. When a cell is damaged or worn out, it needs to be replaced by a new cell. Normally, cells replace themselves by duplicating. For example, skin cells replicate to form more skin cells and muscle cells replicate to form more muscle cells. There is also a cell type that can replicate and is not connected to just one type of cell. These cells are called stem cells. Stem cells are able to adapt and become any type of cell in the body.

Scientists believe that stem cells are helpful because they can allow the body to heal itself when it is damaged. They also believe that stem cells could be used to grow a new organ.

Stem cells are found in various places throughout the human body. They can be found in the early stages of an embryo and a fetus. They can also be found in adult body tissue.

Although stem cells seem like the answer to a lot of medical problems, there is still much debate on this topic. There is so much that is unknown about stem cells such as long term effects. Scientists are still conducting research on the details surrounding stem cells.

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