Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a well known Dutch post impressionist painter whose unmistakable style of rough and harsh beauty with bold color earned him fame. His works had a major influence on the twentieth century art scene. As a child Van Gogh drew constantly. He continued to draw up to his decision to pursue his passion for the arts. He did not begin his career of painting until his late twenties. Some of his best works were completed just a few years before his death. In close to a decade Van Gogh completed over two thousands works. Divided up, it was eight hundred and sixty oil paintings and more than thirteen hundred watercolors, prints, and drawings. His works included landscapes, still lifes, self-portraits, fields and sunflowers. One of his most famous and widely known works is "The Starry Night".

In his early adulthood, Van Gogh worked for art dealers and traveled between Paris, London and Hague. After he was finished with this work he taught in england for a short time. Van Gogh's first interest was not art, instead he wanted to become a pastor. In 1879 he worked as a missionary in a small mining town near Belgium. Here is where he began to sketch people from the village and where he completed his first known painting entitled "The Potato Eaters". His pallet at the time resembled nothing of his later works. It was mainly neutral earth tone, not the vibrant colors we see in his work else where. After deciding to follow his passion for art, Van Gogh completed a magnitude of magnificent works. In 1888 Van Gogh moved to Arles. He wanted refuge while he dealt his illness from drinking. He flourished here. Van Gogh painted many great works here including "The Yellow House" and "Bedroom in Arles". Though these were not of the magnitude of "Starry Night", they were the beginning of his great wisdom. Many of his paintings during this time reflected his mental health. He cut off his own ear because he heard a voice telling him to harm Gauguin his roommate in Arjes. This was later determined to be a tempera lobe seizure. In July of 1890 at age 37, Van Gogh shot himself with a pistol, though there was no gun and no witnesses so how and where he shot himself is unclear. He was treated by two doctors, neither of which were able to perform surgery to take the bullet from his body, he was left alone smoking his pipe. The next day, Van Gogh's brother Theo came to his side. Vincent passed away that evening. leaving behind a lifetime of wonderful works.

Famous Works:

The Starry Night-1889

Sunflowers- 1888

The Potato Eaters-1885

The Night Café-1888

The Red Vineyard-1888