Rick Riordan Timeline
Timeline Description: Rick Riordan's books have captivated readers around the world. Famous for the Percy Jackson series, his works have even been turned into movies.

Date Event
June 5, 1964 Rick Riordan is born

Rick was born as Richard Riordan near San Antonio Texas. The nickname "Rick" stuck with him, and he's used it ever since.
June 1, 1982 Rick graduates from high school

Rick attended Alamo Heights High School in Texas. He quickly moved on to college.
January 1, 1986 A college graduate

Attending the University of Texas, Rick did well in college life. Before long he had graduated and began teaching English and Social Studies at a high school in San Francisco, California.
1997 A writing career

Rick's first novel was published for adults. Titled Big Red Tequila, it was book one in the Tres Navarre series.
1998 Awards and accolades

Big Red Tequila was a hit. Rick was awarded the Shamus Award and the Anthony Award for the novel.
May 4, 1998 More books

Rick's writing career continued with book two in the series. The Widower's Two-Step would be his last for a few years.
1999 More awards to follow

Winning the Edgar Award for The Widower's Two-Step, Rick began working on sequels. The Tres Navarre series would go on to include five more books for a total of seven.
2005 A new series and a change of pace

Rick's gears began turning for a new book idea. This one would focus on a young boy named Percy Jackson, and book one would be called The Lightning Thief.
2008 The Mark Twain Award

Rick's Percy Jackson series quickly caught on and gained popularity. He went on to write several books in the series, and he won the Mark Twain Award as well as the Rebecca Caudill Award for book one, The Lightning Thief.
2009 More awards and books

Rick went on to win the Mark Twain Award for book two in the Percy Jackson series, titled The Sea of Monsters. He wrote three more books in the series, as well as The Demigod Files.
2010 A major motion picture

The Lightning Thief was so popular that it was made into a major motion picture, or a movie. Twentieth Century Fox put out the movie.
October 2010 A new Olympus series

After completing the wildly popular Percy Jackson series, which focused on mythology, Rick went on to write a new series with this focus. The Heroes of Olympus series debuted in 2010, as did book one in his Kane Chronicles series.
2011 Rick gains more awards

Rick's books took hold of readers and didn't let go. His work continued accumulating awards, including School Library Journal's Best Book, two Children's Choice Book Awards, the Wyoming Soaring Book Award, and more.
2013 Spin-offs and other fun stories

Riding on the success of his other works, Rick wrote several spin-off stories. Some of them included graphic novels of the Percy Jackson books, Percy Jackson's Book of Greek Gods, and more.
2015 An upcoming series

Rick recently announced his newest series that will hit shelves in 2015. A series set in Boston and focused on Norse mythology is sure to thrill.