Leonardo da Vinci Timeline
Timeline Description: Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist and inventor. He painted masterpieces like the Mona Lisa. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
April 15, 1452 Leonardo da Vinci is born

Leonardo was born near Florence, in Italy. He was raised by his father.
1467 Leonardo is sent away to study art

Leonardo was very advanced in the fine arts. He was sent to apprentice under Andrea del Verrochio.
1472 The Painter's Guild of Florence

Leonardo's work was so well received and loved that he was asked to join the Painter's Guild of Florence.
1477 Leonardo out-paints his teacher

While studying under Verrochio, they worked together to paint The Baptism of Christ. Leonardo's section is said to have outshined Verrochio's.
1482 A move to a new city

Leonardo was charged with a crime that he was later cleared from. He was so embarrassed that he moved from Florence to Milan.
1490 Da Vinci's notebooks

Sometime during the 1490's da Vinci began keeping notebooks full of his philosophies and beliefs. Many of these notebooks can be seen today in various museums.
1495 Da Vinci paints The Last Supper

While working in Milan, Leonardo took on many projects. One of those was one of his most famous, The Last Supper.
1500 Da Vinci returns to Florence

Finally Leonardo returned home to Florence, where he continued his career in art.
1502 Leonardo changes his post

Leonardo accepted a position travelling with the military troops in order to sketch out the land and draw maps. He returned to Florence in 1503.
1503 The Mona Lisa

When he returned to Florence, da Vinci was hired to paint a portrait of a wealthy man's wife. Her name was Mona Lisa.
1506 Leonardo returns to Milan

Leonardo returned to Milan to work for the French governor there. He put a hold on his art to do architect work.
1513 The French leave Milan

When the French were forced out of Milan, Leonardo left as well. He went to Rome where he lived for several years.
1516 Leonardo is invited by the King of France

France's king, King Francis I, asked Leonardo to come paint for him. Leonardo travelled to France where he stayed the rest of his life.
1519 Leonardo da Vinci dies

While living in France Leonardo died. He was buried in France.
1800 The French Revolution (1800's)

During the French Revolution, troops destroyed the church and grounds where da Vinci was buried. Though his grave was destroyed, his legend lived on. His works have long outlived him and are still treasured today.