Aztec Timeline
Timeline Description: The Aztec people were made up of three nations which ruled what is now Mexico. The Aztecs were destroyed by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. This is a timeline of their rule.

Date Event
600 The first settlers arrive in Mexico

A people who spoke Nahuatl arrived in Mexico and settled in.
1100 The Mexicas arrive in Mexico

A people called the Mexica arrived in Mexico and began looking for a place to settle.
1299 The Mexica settle in Tizapan

The people tried to settle near Lake Texcoco, but they were run out by the native people. They finally settled in Tizapan.
1350 Ways to travel are built

The people worked together to build water canals and other causeways.
1390 The building of a temple begins

The people began working to build the Templo Mayor, or the Great Temple.
1427 War comes to Mexico

The people worked together for many years, though the tension was always high. War finally broke out between the tribes of the Mexica and the Tepaneca.
1431 The Triple Alliance is formed

The war finally ended with a truce between the Mexica, the Tepaneca, and the Acolhua. They called themselves the Triple Alliance.
1440 Montezuma I becomes the king

Montezuma I became the 5th ruler of the people. Under his rule the kingdom prospered.
1487 The Tempo Mayor is finished

The Great Temple was finally finished and it was dedicated.
1492 Christopher Columbus landed in Santa Domingo

Christopher Columbus landed in the New World, brining other explorers behind him.
1502 Montezuma II steps into power

Montezuma II was the most famous of the Aztec kings.
1517 A shoot star in the sky

A comet seen in the sky was thought to mean impending doom for the Aztecs.
1519 Cortes' ship hits land

The explorer Cortes hit land at the Yucatan peninsula. He made his way to the Aztec capital.
1520 Cortes goes to war

Cortes made an alliance with the Aztec's enemies, the Tlaxcala. Together they started a war with the Aztecs.
1521 The Aztecs meet their end

The Spanish soon took control of the war and took over the Aztec's capital city of Tenochtitlan. The Aztec king was killed shortly after this, and the Spanish set up their own rule, calling it New Spain. It was the end of the Aztec people.