Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Timeline
Timeline Description: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a Spanish explorer who discovered the southern United States, including the Grand Canyon. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
1510 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado is born

Francisco was born in Spain to a wealthy family. He set off on his own to make a name for himself.
1530 Rumors of riches

Rumors of riches in the land above Mexico started going around the world. Explorers came to find a fortune.
1535 Coronado sails to Mexico

A friend of Francisco's was the Vicery of Mexico, and Francisco went to meet him. He hoped to explore.
1536 The Seven Cities of Gold

An explorer named Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca travelled through the lands north of Mexico. He said there were seven cities of gold.
1539 More stories of the cities

A missionary also claimed to see the cities of gold. Gold seekers flocked to the area.
1540 Francisco is sent to explore

The Vicery of Mexico sent Francisco on an expedition to find the seven cities of gold.
October 1540 The expedition is a failure

After months of searching, Francisco's men came up empty handed. They split up to find other treasures.
1541 The Grand Canyon is discovered

Part of Francisco's men discovered the Grand Canyon, while others found the Colorado Plateau.
1542 Francisco returns to Mexico

When they were sure there was no gold to discover, Francisco and his men returned to Mexico.
1544 Francisco gets into trouble for his expedition

The Vicery was disappointed in Francisco's failure and so he charged Francisco with neglecting his duty. Francisco was eventually cleared from the charges.
1547 Francisco regains favor

Even though he was cleared of the charges against him, Francisco continued to be cast out. He testified for the governor of New Spain, and it helped him regain favor with the people.
1549 Francisco is rewarded

Francisco was given a piece of land as a reward for his service.
1554 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado dies

Francisco spent the rest of his life in Mexico before he died. His legacy as the first European to explore the American west has lived on.
1936 Coronado Heights was built

Coronado Heights was a hill in Kansas near a site where artifacts were found. The people believed the artifacts came from Coronado's expedition.
1952 The Coronado National Memorial

The Coronado National Memorial is a national park in the American Southwest. It was named in honor of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.