Gregor Mendel Timeline
Timeline Description: Gregor Mendel is a German scientist widely considered the founder of the modern science of genetics. Mendel used a variety of pea plant experiments to establish a system set of rules of heredity now referred to as Laws of Mendelian Inheritance.

Date Event
July 20, 1822 Mendel is born in the Austrian Empire

Gregor Mendel is born in Heinzendorf bei Odran in the then Austrin Empire. Mendel named Johann by his German parents, Anton and Rosine Mendel.
1833 Mendel is sent to secondary school.

Mendel attends secondary school in Troppan. Despite the financial difficulties his attendance posed on his family and subsequent homesickness, Mendel graduates with honors in 1840.
1841 Mendel attends the Philosophical Institute of the University of Olmutz.

Mendel spent two years studying Practical and Theoretical Philosophy as well as Physics at the University of Olmutz. Once again, he graduated with honors.
1843 Mendel joins the Augustinian order at the St. Thomas Monastery.

Despite his father's wishes for Mendel to take over the family farm, Mendel declares his intention to become a monk. He joins the Augustinian order at the St. Thomas Monastery in Brno and given the name Gregor.
1850 Mendel fails the oral portion of his teaching exam.

While working as a substitute teacher, Mendel fails the oral portion of his teaching exam, therefore not obtaining a teaching license.
1851 Mendel continues his study of science.

Mendel deals with the license failure by enrolling in the University of Vienna, where he continued his studies in science. His education is paid for by the monetary.
1853 Mendel returns to the abbey.

Mendel returns to the abbey, where he becomes the teacher he has wanted to be. He primarily teaches physics. He would teach at the abbey for over a decade.
1854 Mendel starts his famous experiments.

Mendel begins his hybridizing experiments, focusing on the origin of plant variability.
1856 Mendel fails teaching licensure test again.

Mendel retakes the oral portion of his teaching exam, failing once again. He turned his attention to his scientific experiments.
1856 Mendel cultivates and tests pea plants(1856-1863).

During this time period, Mendel cultivated and tested 29,000 pea plants. His experiments led directly to the Law of Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment. The laws later became known as Mendel's Law of Inheritance.
1865 Mendel establishes Meteorological Society

Mendel establishes the Austrian Meteorological Society to cement his passion for all things science.
February 8, 1866 Mendel presents his findings(February 8 and March 8, 1866).

On two different occasions, Mendel presents a paper entitled "Experiments on Plant Hybridization" at the Natural History Society of Brno in Moravia. His work is received favorable, although he wouldn't receive critical acclaim until after his death.
1867 Mendel becomes abbot of the monastery.

Mendel replaces his mentor, Abbot C.F. Napp, as the abbot of the monastery. His work in the sciences continued.
January 6, 1884 Mendel dies

Mendel dies in Brno, Moravia from a chronic case of nephritis.