King George III Timeline
Timeline Description: King George III was the King of Great Britain and Ireland who reigned for over 59 years the longest reign of anyone before him. He guided Great Britain through the American Revolution and has been credited with fostering the British Agriculture Revolution. Many advances in science and industry were discovered during his reign.

Date Event
June 4, 1738 George born in London.

George was born in London, the grandson of King George II; and son of Frederick, the Prince of Wales, and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.
1751 George's father dies.

The Prince of Wales dies suddenly from a lung injury. George becomes heir to the throne and is given the title the Duke of Edinburgh.
October 25, 1760 George II dies.

George II dies and George III becomes king. He is crowned on September 22, 1761.
September 8, 1761 George III is married.

George III marries Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Streiltz in the Chapel Royal at St. James Place. He meets his bride on their wedding day.
1762 Purchases Buckingham House

George III purchases Buckingham House, the site of which is now Buckingham Palace, for a retreat with his wife and fifteen children.
1763 Treaty of Paris ends the war.

The Treat of Paris between France, Spain, and Great Britain ends the Seven Years War, which Great Britain was fighting when George III took the throne.
1766 Repeals America's Stamp Act

George III repeals the Stamp Act enacted in 1765 by Whig Leader Grenville. Repealing the act makes George very popular in the United States.
1766 George III refuses to repeal America's tax on tea.

Despite his desire to retain positive relations with America, George III refuses to repeal the tax on tea. The result is the Boston Tea Party.
1775 George III rules during the American Revolution(1775-1783).

As relations disintegrate, George III resides over Great Britain as American fights for its independence.
1781 A newly discovered planet is named after George III.

Herschel discovers Uranus. In commemoration of George III's commitment to scientific advancement, the new planet is initially named "Georgium Sidus," meaning "George's Star."
1788 George III suffers a prolonged period of mental illness(Summer of 1788).

George III goes to Cheltenham Spa to recuperate from a substantial period of mental illness. His troubles are thought to be a symptom of the genetic disease porphyria.
February 1789 George III recovers.

A Regency Bill is proposed which authorizes the Prince of Wales to act as regent during George III's poor health. Before the bill is passed, however, George recovers.
1793 France declares war on Britain

Under the direction of Napoleon Bonaparte, France declares war on Great Britain. The fighting lasts for nearly a decade.
1800 Great Britain is combined with Ireland.

An Act of Union is passed that unites Great Britain and Ireland. The act takes effect on January 1, 1801 and created the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland." George III takes command of both countries.
1810 George III accepts need for Regency Act(Late 1810).

Now virtually blind and in constant pain from rheumatism, George III accepts the need for the Regency Act of 1811. The Prince of Wales begins acting as regent.
1811 George III becomes permanently insane(End of 1811).

After becoming permanently insane, George III lives in seclusion at Windsor Castle for the rest of his days.
1818 George III's wife dies.

George III's mental condition is so severe; he doesn't realize his wife has died.
January 29, 1820 George III dies.

George III dies, leaving the thrown to his eldest son George, the Prince of Wales. His son becomes King George IV.
February 16, 1820 George III is buried.

George III is buried in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.