Marco Polo Timeline
Timeline Description: Marco Polo was an explorer who traveled from Europe to China and back. He brought back information that had been unknown before his time, and he inspired others to explore as well. This timeline covers his life and travels.

Date Event
1254 Marco Polo

Marco Polo was born in Venice. His father and uncle were very rich, and often traveled the world.
1260 Marco's mother dies

Marco's mother died sometime in his childhood and he was raised by an aunt and uncle. They were wealthy and he learned many important things like foreign currency and appraising.
1262 Marco's father meets the ruler of China

Marco's father and uncle traveled to China for the first time, where they met Kublai Khan, the ruler of China.
1271 Marco travels

Marco Polo went with his father and uncle on his first journey to Cathay, or what is now called China.
1274 Marco arrives in China

Marco's journey took three years, but he finally arrived in China. He met Kublai Khan, the ruler of China, and he studied the Chinese language and learned to speak it well.
1275 Marco Polo's first mission

Kublai Khan sent Marco on a mission for him. Marco Polo traveled across China, and he did his mission so well that Kublai Khan decided Marco would work for him.
1280 Marco Polo works for Kublai Khan

Marco Polo rose in favor with the ruler of China, and he even became the ruler of one of Kublai Khan's cities.
1295 Marco Polo returns home to Venice

After celebrating Kublai Khan's daughter's wedding in Persia, Marco Polo and his family returned to Venice. They found it was at war with Genoa.
1298 Marco the Prisoner of War

Marco joined the Venetian forces, but he was captured and became a prisoner of war. In prison he met a writer, and he told the writer about his travels; the writer wrote Marco's stories down.
1299 Free!

Marco Polo was released from prison, but was still a prisoner of war.
1300 Marco gets married

At the age of 46 Marco Polo got married and began having children. He had three daughters.
1307 Marco becomes famous

When a book of his stories reached people around Europe, the fame of Marco Polo's travels spread quickly. People were fascinated with the world of the Chinese.
1324 Marco Polo dies

Marco Polo died in Venice at the age of 74. His travels and explorations inspired other explorers like Christopher Columbus, and the tales he brought back from China got the people interested in other cultures.
1453 Marco's journey is copied

More than a hundred years after Marco Polo's journey to China, other explorers traveled the same path. Their maps were based on those brought back from China by Marco Polo.
1851 Marco Polo's name is honored

In 1851 Marco Polo had a ship named after him. It was the first ship to sail around the world in under 6 months.