Nintendo Timeline
Timeline Description: What started out as a card company changed the face of the gaming industry through the Nintendo Game Console. Now known internationally, this Japanese company is a giant in the gaming industry.

Date Event
1889 Nintendo is founded

Japanese businessman Fusajiro Ymauchi founded a small trading card company. He named it Nintendo.
1959 Nintendo joins forces with Disney

For seventy years the Nintendo card company dominated the trading card market. They joined forces with Disney to produce Disney trading cards.
1962 Nintendo stock goes public

Their joint venture with Disney was a huge success, and it took the company to a new level. They were able to open their stock to the public.
1965 Trying new things

With Nintendo's success, they began branching out into new markets including food and toys. Each of their ideas failed, except for their ideas in toys.
1970 The Ultra Hand

The Ultra Hand was Nintendo's first big toy hit. Developed by one of Nintendo's assembly line workers, Gunpei Yokoi, the moving hand opened new doors for Nintendo.
1975 The video game market

Electronic games had been gaining popularity for several years, and Nintendo dabbled in a few new products. They began distributing the Magnavox Odyssey, and saw success.
1981 Arcade games pick up speed

Over the years, Nintendo began developing arcade games. Their games caught on, with the hugely popular Donkey Kong gaining instant fame.
1982 The Advanced Video System

Nintendo continued working on a handheld home device for video games. Some of them never came to fruition, but others went out to the public with mild success.
1985 The Nintendo Entertainment System

After a few years of perfecting their design and technology, Nintendo was at last ready to release their at-home gaming system. They released a limited number of games, including Super Mario Brothers in Japan.
1989 The Game Boy

Nintendo designed and released the first portable gaming system. The Game Boy was low in price, and was instantly popular.
1990 Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 was an instant hit, selling over 18 million copies. It has been called the best 8-bit game ever made.
1991 The Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo had a new sleek design with a better controller. The introduction of the Super Nintendo helped pave the way for CD-ROM games of the future.
1994 The Nintendo 64

Nintendo continued streamlining their design and updating their technology, and they soon released the Nintendo 64. A year later, Sony would release the PlayStation which would cut into Nintendo's profits.
1996 Pokemon cards

Originally known as Pocket Monsters, Pokemon cards became wildly popular. Nintendo took back ground it had lost to Sony, but the success didn't last and Nintendo struggled for several years.
2004 Nintendo DS is introduced

Nintendo released their new portable gaming system called the Nintendo DS. In 2006, they released the Wii which was aimed at people who wouldn't normally play video games; it became a huge success and put Nintendo back on the map.