Erwin Schrodinger Timeline
Timeline Description: Erwin Schrodinger was a Nobel Prize winner for his work in quantum theory. His work was groundbreaking, and it changed the way people understood the workings of the world.

Date Event
August 12, 1887 Erwin is born

Erwin was born in Vienna, Austria. He was an only child.
1900's Erwin's high school experience(Early 1900's)

Erwin attended high school at a place in Vienna called the Gymnasium. He was noted to enjoy science as well as ancient grammar and German poetry.
1906 College years

Erwin's college days were spend at the University of Vienna. While there, he studied under Fritz Hasenohrl, who would light in him a fire for physics and pave the way for his Nobel Prize.
1918 World War I

The world went to war between Germany and others. Erwin served as an artillery officer until the war ended.
1920 An academic position

When the war ended, Erwin took up a position with Max Wien. He worked as the man's assistant, but he would eventually move on to working at the University of Zurich.
1920 Marriage

Erwin married his longtime sweetheart, Annemarie Bertel. She was his faithful companion until his eventual death many years later.
1926 A famous discovery

Erwin's time at Zurich allowed him to work in his favorite subject area—physics. While there, he made his now-famous discovery regarding wave equation.
1927 A move to Berlin

Erwin moved to Berlin to continue his work. At the time, Berlin was a hub of great scientific activity.
1933 The Nobel Prize

Erwin worked closely with a man named Dirac. Together they were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work in wave equation.
1933 Erwin leaves Germany

Adolph Hitler came to power once again in 1933. Unable to follow him and his teachings, Erwin Schrodinger decided to leave Germany and move to England.
1936 University of Graz

Erwin floated around for years, working in science where he saw fit. He was offered a position at Princeton but turned it down before eventually accepting a position at the University of Graz, in Austria.
1938 Escape to Italy

Graz was positioned in Austria, so when Germany annexed Austria during WWII, Erwin had to run away. He escaped to Italy, and eventually made his way to England.
1944 What Is Life?

Erwin eventually moved to Dublin to work as Director of the School for Theoretical Physics. During this time he wrote many research papers on physics, as well as the book What Is Life?
1955 Retirement

After many faithful years in the physics field, Erwin eventually retired from Dublin. He returned to Vienna to live out his life.
January 4, 1961 Erwin Schrodinger dies

Erwin had been sick for several years. He died on January 4, 1961, in Vienna.