Inventions of the 1800's Timeline
Timeline Description: The latter half of the nineteenth century became known as the second Industrial Revolution. Many inventions came into play which would change the way people lived.

Date Event
1800 Starting off with a bang

The 1800's are known as the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the century started off with an impressive invention. Count Alessandro Volta invented the battery, and his name is partly why we now measure power in "volts."
1814 Choo choo

While an earlier model invented by Richard Trevithick had failed, George Stephenson didn't give up on the idea of a steam powered train. He designed the first successful steam engine in 1814.
1814 Pretty as a picture

Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented one of the first machines capable of producing a likeness, or a picture. He photographed the nature surrounding his home, and it took several hours.
1824 Cement is patented

The idea of pouring liquid rock that would harden into stone was a dream that had been played with by inventors for years. Joseph Aspdin was successful in creating a formula for cement that would change the way builders built.
1829 The typewriter

Printing presses had been using typesetting for many years, but it was a long, hard task to print even one book. W.A. Burt invented the typewriter, which would allow writers to create writing in a much quicker fashion.
1829 Reading for the blind

Louis Braille invented a type of raised lettering for the blind. It was a series of dots which would be called Braille.
1834 An early refrigerator

Up to this point in time, when families needed to keep food cool for preservation, they had to bury it in the ground. Jacob Perkins invented a cooling machine that used ice; it was an early refrigerator.
1837 Samuel Morse(1837-38)

An inventor named Samuel Morse invented the telegraph, which allowed people to communicate via wires over long distances. The next year he invented the Morse Code, which is still used today.
1839 Cameras and bicycles

Frenchman Louis Daguerre created a better way to take pictures, called the Daguerreotype. Bicycles were also created in this year, by Kirkpatrick Macmillan.
1847 Antiseptics and other medical inventions

A Hungarian named Ignaz Semmelweis invented antiseptics which would aid in cleanliness. Another medical invention during this time was the use of anesthesia for dental work by Dr. William Morton.
1856 Pasteurization

Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization. Through this process, he boiled milk at a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria; this allowed the milk to stay fresh longer, and it's a process still used today.
1866 Dynamite is invented

Alfred Nobel would be the first person to invent dynamite. The use of this explosive would pave the way for large mining projects such as the Panama Canal.
1876 The telephone

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. It allowed people to speak across distances, but it was expensive and only the richest families could afford them for a very long time.
1877 Moving pictures

The moving picture was the earliest type of our modern day movies. It was invented by Eadweard Muybridge.
1886 Coca Cola

Soda and soda fountains had been invented earlier in the century, but a man named John Pemberton invented Coca Cola, a drink that would grip the country. Also invented this year was the first 4-wheeled vehicle with a motor engine, created by Gottlieb Daimler.
1888 Electricity

A battle went on between several inventors to come up with the first electric light bulb. Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Sir Joseph Wilson Swan all participated in this race.
1893 The zipper and more

W.L. Judson invented the zipper in 1893, and it would go on to be used for generations until present day. Other famous inventions throughout the 1800's were plastic, dishwashers, the roller coaster, the vacuum cleaner, and more!