History of McDonalds Timeline
Timeline Description: McDonald's has become an icon of American fast food. It is now internationally known, with thousands of restaurants in various countries around the world.

Date Event
1940 The first McDonald's restaurant

Dick and Mac McDonald were brothers who opened their first restaurant. It was named McDonald's Bar-B-Q, and it was a drive-in with car hop service.
1948 A few changes to the restaurant

After several years in business, the McDonald brothers decided it was time for a change. They shut down the restaurant for renovations, reopened as simply McDonald's without the Bar-B-Q, and served hamburgers and cheeseburgers instead.
1949 French fries and milkshakes

After a year of serving their new menu, the brothers added a couple of items. Instead of potato chips they served French fries, and they also added milkshakes.
1954 A new vision

The brothers continued happily for a few years, but their vision evolved into a wish for their restaurant to grow. They met a salesman named Ray Kroc, who would help them grow the business.
1955 The first new location opens

After only a few months Ray Kroc opened the first new location for the McDonald brothers. It featured the now-famous golden arches.
1958 One hundred million burgers

McDonald's popularity skyrocketed. In just a few years running they had sold their one hundred millionth burger, and before long they would have over 700 stores.
1962 Indoor seating

When McDonald's restaurants first opened, they were drive-ins that featured car hops. In 1962, the first store with indoor seating was opened.
1965 Public stock trading

At the mark of their 10 year anniversary, McDonald's opened their stock to the public. They offered shares for $22.50.
1966 McDonald's on TV

Ronald McDonald the clown made his television debut in McDonald's very first TV commercial. He was an instant hit, and even walked in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
1967 The first international store

After the popularity in America, McDonald's opened its first international stores. Stores were opened in Canada and Puerto Rico.
1974 The Ronald McDonald House charity opens

Fred Hill, a Philadelphia Eagle's football player, found himself living at the hospital while his son underwent cancer treatment. McDonald's stepped in and opened the first Ronald McDonald House to help families in similar situations.
1975 A breakfast menu is introduced

After years of serving hamburgers, McDonald's felt it was time to expand. They began serving the Egg McMuffin.
1979 The Happy Meal

The first Happy Meals debuted with a bang. They featured circus themed boxes and toys.
2002 McHappy Day

McDonald's introduced World Children's Day on November 20, 2002. The day would be celebrated as a yearly fundraiser to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, and has raised over $170 million to date!
2005 Fifty years of service

On April 15, McDonald's celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of serving customers. Their popularity is still evident today.