Marion Donovan Timeline
Timeline Description: Marion Donovan came from a family of inventors, so it was no surprise when she joined them. She is credited with creating the first disposable diapers.

Date Event
1917 Marion is born

Marion was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Many of her family members were inventors, and Marion spent a lot of time with them.
1924 Marion's mother dies

When Marion was seven years old, her mother passed away. Marion began spending more and more time with her father in his factory.
1939 College graduate

Marion eventually moved to Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. She graduated with a BA in English Literature.
1939 Working at Vogue Magazine

Just out of college, Marion took a position at Vogue Magazine. She was assistant beauty editor.
1942 Marriage and children

After graduation, Marion married a man named James Donovan. They began having children after they moved to Cincinnati.
1946 Diapering her babies

Marion quickly saw how difficult it was to diaper her children using cloth diapers. Using a shower curtain, she created a protective layer to keep the soiled cloth from wetting other surfaces.
1949 Selling her creation

Marion called her diaper the Boater, because it kept babies "afloat". They began selling the Boater at Saks 5th Avenue.
1951 A patented product

Marion's creation was patented after a few years of success. She went on to work on a paper diaper, but was unsuccessful; however, she ended up selling her Boater invention for $1 million.
1950 More patents(Early 1950's)

Marion received patents for a few products during this time. She created a zipper device called the Zippity-Do, and a soap dish that helped sticky soap drain into the sink.
1958 Continuing education

Not being a person to give up, Marion decided to return to school. She began attending Yale University.
1960 Over the years, big companies began recognizing Marion's talent(1960's and beyond).

She was often hired as a consultant when a company was designing new products.
1985 The Dental Loop

Marion continued creating. The Dental Loop was patented in 1985, and it took away the need for people to wrap dental floss around their fingers.
1991 Marketing her product

Marion took great efforts to sell her latest creation, the Dental Loop. She went on an extensive tour to visit dental professionals around America.
1998 Marion's death

Marion passed away on November 4, 1998. She was 81 years old, and had acquired over a dozen patents for various household inventions.
1998 An inspiration(1998 and beyond)

Today, Marion is an inspiration to women everywhere. She became a prosperous inventor in a day and age when women were not permitted into the business world.