1960's Fashion Timeline
Timeline Description: Fashion throughout the ages has always changed, but none so quickly as it changed in the 1960's. It was a time of great transition, which was reflected in fashion.

Date Event
1961 Jackie Kennedy

The beginning of the sixties' fashion looked a lot like the clothes worn throughout the 50's. When John F. Kennedy became president, his wife Jackie became a style icon known for her classy dress suits and pretty hats.
1961 The Little Nothing dress

A staple item in the early 60's was the "little nothing" dress. It was a simple, often sleeveless, dress.
1962 High-waisted fashion

Thanks to actress Audrey Hepburn, the high-waisted style became very popular. Styles were sleek and slender.
1963 A more natural look

As baby boomers came into their teenaged years, a more natural look began taking over the fashion world. Little makeup, low heels, and short hair came into style.
1963 Fashion for men

One of the most popular fashion changes for men during this time was the moving away from pleated pants for men. Guys began wearing flat-fronted pants, often with stripes.
1964 Femininity rules

Thanks to fashion icon Coco Chanel, femininity grew in popularity. Women once again began wearing lace, and even hair bows.
1965 Poor Boy Look

A popular part of 1965 fashion was a "poor boy" look, wearing jeans and an oversized sweater. These sweaters were often home made out of yarn.
1965 Jackie Kennedy continues making waves

Another hit in 1965 was the one-shoulder gown. When Jackie Kennedy wore one, women across America wanted one.
1966 The Mod look

Teenagers wanted to look fresh and modern, breaking away from the traditions of their parents. Women began wearing miniskirts, and men wore low waisted jeans.
1966 Paper dresses

In the ever popular rush to be unique, one designer came up with a crazy idea. Judy Brewer created a dress made from paper.
1967 High boots and patterns

Women toward the end of the 60's began wearing high boots. They also adapted bright, bold patterns.
1967 Unisex clothes

An either-gender clothing line was created in 1967. It didn't catch on, because most men did not want to wear skirts; however, the wearing of pants suits by women stuck.
1968 Individualism

In a growing effort to be individual, the hippie style really took off. Fashion finds from thrift stores became very popular, and men began wearing turtlenecks.
1969 A more mature look

The teenagers of the era were growing up, and fashion followed suit. By the end of the 60's, pretty much anything could go; whether a woman wanted bold or soft, short or long, loud or quiet, fashion was up to her.