Mike Lupica Timeline
Timeline Description: Known for his provocative sports commentary in the New York Daily News and appearances on ESPN, Mike Lupica is an author and newspaper columnist. He also does radio and television appearances in news and sports.

Date Event
May 11, 1952 Lupica was born.

Born in Oneida, New York, Mike Lupica moved with his family to Nashua New Hampshire where he spent most of his youth.
1974 Lupica graduated from college.

After graduating from Boston College, Mike Lupica became a sportswriter in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He worked for Esquire magazine in the late 1980s.
1975 Covered the New York Knicks.

At the age of twenty three, Lupica did not join the staff of the New York Post. He did, however, cover the New York Knicks as a freelance writer for the paper.
1977 Mike Lupica joined a newspaper.

Lupica became the youngest columnist ever in 1977. Joining the New York Daily News was one of his smartest career moves.
1984 Dead Air was written.

Lupica was a busy man with his newspaper career and television shows. However, he did find time to release his first novel in 1984.
1987 Lupica started his own column.

“The Sporting Life” was launched in Esquire magazine as Lupica’s first column. He also published articles in close to ten other magazines, including Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and Golf Digest.
1988 Lupica began working for ESPN.

A regularly rotating personality on The Sports Reporters, Lupica has his own show, The Mike Lupica Show. He also had a short lived radio show on WFAN.
2003 Lupica won the Jim Murray Award.

The National Football Foundation honored Lupica with the Jim Murray Award in 2003. This award is America’s most prestigious sports writing award.
2004 Travel Team was released.

This novel became a best seller shortly after it was released.
February 15, 2007 Heat was released.

Lupica released his novel Heat about Michael Arroyo who grew up on the outside of Yankee Stadium and longed to be inside.
May 9, 2011 Lupica’s radio show.

Lupica’s radio show started on Sports Center network. His show airs for one hour, five days a week.
September 20, 2011 The Underdogs was released.

For young adults and any sports fan, this novel has action and shows Lupica’s passion for football. Many say it is an excellent read.
September 17, 2013 Lupica will launch his newest novel.

This September, Mike Lupica will release his newest novel. Set in a Friday Night Lights type of town, QB1 will be an excellent coming of age story. One of the most prominent sports writers in America, Mike Lupica’s longevity is based on insider knowledge and uncompromising presentation. Lupica has written mystery novels, sport biographies, and newspaper columns. Mike Lupica currently lives in Connecticut. He lives with his wife, son, and three daughters. Mike states that his favorite event to cover is the Final Four because he takes his daughters with him.