Rob Dyrdek Timeline
Timeline Description: Turning pro at the age of sixtenn, Dyrdek is a reality television star, actor, producer, entrepreneur, and American professional skateboarder. For a kid, he has done quite well in his life and career.

Date Event
June 28, 1974 Drydek was born.

Born to Gene and Patty Drydek, Rob was born in Kettering, Ohio. He was involved in sports from an early age and started skateboarding at eleven.
1986 Drydek was sponsored.

Drydek acquired sponsorship from his friend Neil Blender’s sponsor. They both left the sponsor and created Alien Workshop, Drydek’s current deck sponsor and a company that he now owns.
1990 Drydek moved.

After deciding to forgo his senior year of high school and move to California, Rob began employment with Droors Clothing. The company was transformed into DC Shoes.
1994 Drydek got into filming.

Rob began filming prominent skateboarding parts in 411VM, Alien Workshop’s Time Code.
2003 Rob Drydek Foundation.

Dedicated to building legal skate parks in communities, Drydek founded the RDF. He feels that skate plazas are essential to the future of skateboarding by giving boarders a legal place to practice and a vehicle for support and training.
November 2006 Drydek received his first starring role.

The MTV reality series Rob & Big starred Drydek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. Boykin left the show after three seasons when he and his girlfriend had a baby.
February 2009 Drydek landed another television show.

Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory was a converted warehouse where Drydek ran his businesses. Inside is a large skateboard plaza, office, foam pit, ad basketball court.
2009 Drydek set Guiness World Records.(2009-2011)

Twenty-one separate records for skateboarding were set as part of the Fantasy Factory television show. Two eating records, the most bananas peeled and eaten and most powdered doughnuts eaten in a period of time, were also set by Drydek.
2010 Rob wrote a movie.

Drydek wrote, financed, and starred in Street Dreams, a skateboarding movie that featured Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriquez.
2010 Drydek founded Street League.

With help from Monster Energy Drink, Rob founded a skateboarding pro tour that featured both amateur and professional boarders.
2011 Drydek was ordained.

Rob became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. He performed his sister’s wedding, held at the Fantasy Factory.
2011 Jackass 3.5.

Drydek made an appearance in Jackass 3.5 with Johnny Knoxville. Later that year, he started a MTV series, Ridiculousness, which featured extreme sport mishaps and people doing stupid things.
2013 iSX

The Instant Scoring Experience was created by Drydek. He hopes it will revolutionize the way that skate competitions are held and judges. He also created the Street League Skateboarding professional contest.Today, Drydek is sponsored by DC Shoes, Alien Workshop, and Monster Energy Drinks. He owns Reflex Bearings and Silver Trucks. Along with musician Travis Barker, Rob co-owns the Rogue Status brand.