Theodore Roosevelt Timeline
Timeline Description: Theodore Roosevelt was America's 26th president. He accomplished much during his life and presidency. This timeline shows some of the great things he did.

Date Event
1858 Theodore Roosevelt is born

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York. His nickname was Teddy.
1865 Teddy watched Abraham Lincoln's funeral

From the window of his home in New York, a seven year old Theodore Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession.
1876 Theodore attends college

Theodore Roosevelt attended Harvard University. He graduated in 1880 magna cum laude.
1880 Theodore marries Alice Lee

Theodore and Alice married in Massachusetts on Teddy's 22nd birthday.
1881 Theodore elected to the state assembly

Theodore was elected to New York's state assembly. He served from 1882-1884.
1883 Theodore the outdoorsman

Teddy Roosevelt purchased two cattle ranches in the Dakota territories. His love of the outdoors spurred later accomplishments he made as president.
1895 Theodore becomes the police commissioner

Theodore resigned from the Civil Service commission to become New York City's police commissioner.
1898 The Rough Riders is formed

Theodore was named the Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st US Volunteer Calvary Regiment. The group was known as the Rough Riders.
1899 The Governor or New York

In 1898 Theodore Roosevelt was elected as the new governor of New York, and he was sworn in in 1899.
1900 He becomes the vice president

Theodore Roosevelt was put on the ticket as vice president with Republican candidate William McKinley. They won the election.
1901 William McKinley is shot

While attending an exposition in New York, President McKinley was shot and killed. Teddy Roosevelt became the 26th president of the United States.
1903 President Roosevelt's many accomplishments

During his presidency he accomplished many things, including the ending of the Alaskan territory dispute and the creation of the first federal bird reservation in Florida.
1905 The National Forest Service is founded

Theodore Roosevelt was an outdoorsman, and he helped establish many laws and territories for the nature he loved. One of those was the National Forest Service.
1906 The Nobel Peace Prize

Theodore was the first president to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. He received it for ending the Russo-Japanese war of 1905.
1909 He journeys to Africa

Once his presidency ended, Theodore traveled to Africa to find artifacts for the Smithsonian Museum.
1912 Roosevelt gets shot

A man shot Roosevelt, hoping to kill him, but Roosevelt survived. The shooter was pronounced insane.
1916 Roosevelt's death

Theodore Roosevelt died peacefully in his home while he slept. He accomplished much during his lifetime, and he will always be remembered for the huge number of good things he did while alive.