Maya Angelou Timeline
Timeline Description: Maya Angelou is an inspiration to millions of people. She is a famous writer and poet, and she played a role in the American Civil Rights movement. This is a timeline of her life.

Date Event
1928 Maya is born

Maya was born as Marguerite Ann Johnson. Her brother gave her the nickname "Maya".
1937 Maya suffers abuse

At the age of nine Maya was abused by her mother's boyfriend. It traumatized her and she wouldn't speak anymore.
1941 They move to California

Maya, along with her brother and mother, moved to California. Maya went to high school and studied dance and drama.
1942 A teacher steps in to help

While going to school, one of Maya's teachers worked lovingly with her. The teacher helped Maya learn to speak again.
1943 Maya leaves school

Maya graduated from school and then had a baby shortly after that. She worked as a waitress and cook to take care of her son.
1952 Maya takes on a new name

Maya began working as a nightclub singer. She took on the stage name Maya Angelou, and the name stuck.
1958 Maya moves to New York

Maya began writing poetry. Soon she had moved to New York where she joined the Writer's Guild.
1959 The Civil Rights movement begins

Maya worked diligently with Civil Rights activists. She became the coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Council.
1960 A move to Africa

Maya met and followed a civil rights activist to Africa. She stayed there for a few years, working as an editor.
1964 Maya comes back to America

Maya moved back to America. She hoped to work with Malcolm X, who was trying to build an Organization of African American Unity, but Malcolm X was assassinated a few years later.
1970 Maya Angelou puts out a book

After working on it for a few years, Maya puts out her work I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It was a huge success.
1972 The nomination for a Pulitzer Prize

Maya was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her work Just Give Me A Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Die.
1984 Maya meets Oprah

Maya met the famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. They got along well, and Maya became one of Oprah's close friends and mentors.
1993 An inauguration poem is read

Maya is asked to read her poetry at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. She read On The Pulse of Morning.
2006 The Mother Teresa Award

Maya went on to receive numerous awards for her service to the world. One of them was the Mother Teresa Award, and another was the NAACP award. She continues to write and touch others with her heartfelt and soul-searching works.