Stephen F. Austin Timeline
Timeline Description: Stephen F. Austin (born November 3, 1793) is known as the Father of Texas. Austin worked with the Mexican government to support immigration of Americans into Texas in the 19th century, eventually taking a group of 300 to live in Texas.

Date Event
November 3, 1793 Stephen F. Austin Was Born

Stephen Fuller Austin was born to Moses Austin and Mary Brown Austin. He was their second child, and their first living child. He was born in a mining region of Virginia, today modern-day Austinville.
June 8, 1798 Moved to Missouri

The family moved to Missouri when Austin was four years old, to a mining community in the Southeastern region, some 40 miles west of the Mississippi River.
1810 Graduated Transylvania University

When he was around 10 years old, his family sent him back East to be educated, first at a boarding school and later at university. He initially practiced law after his graduation.
1814 Served in Missouri Legislature

In the years after his graduation, he served on the Missouri legislature. In this role, he helped to secure a charter for the Bank of St. Louis in the Missouri Territory.
1819 Panic of 1819

The Panic of 1819 was a financial crisis in the United States. In the Panic of 1819, Austin lost his wealth, and was left with significantly less money than before.
1820 Arkansas Elections

In 1820, Austin moved south to the Arkansas territory, buying land in the region that is now Little Rock. He ran for the territorial legislature, and entered a court battle over the land he had purchased when Little Rock was made the capitol. He lost the legal battle.
November 1820 Moved to Louisiana

After losing the legal battle for his land in Arkansas, Austin moved from Arkansas to Louisiana.
1821 Austin's Father Died

Austin's father had been working on a plan and permissions to bring American immigrants into Texas. At the request of his mother, Austin continued his father's plan.
August 21, 1821 Arrived in San Antonio

Austin arrived in San Antonio to continue his father's work in August 1821. He successfully negotiated terms for the first immigrants to Texas, by then under Mexican control.
December 1821 First U.S. Colonists Arrived

The first group of 300 colonists reached Texas in December 1821. Each was given a large parcel of land, depending on their needs.
1821 Immigration Law Changes in Mexico(1821 to 1825)

There were significant changes to immigration laws in Mexico over the course of several years. Austin was, even during times of greater restriction, able to negotiate improved terms for his colonists.
1830 Mexican Government Attempted to Stop Immigration

In 1830, the Mexican government, fearing the rebellion of American colonists, acted to officially stop American immigration.
1832 Convention of 1832

In 1832, and again in 1833, American immigrants came together seeking independence from the Mexican government. They did so without Austin's support.
1834 Arrested by Mexican Authorities

Austin was arrested by Mexican authorities. They believed he was supporting rebel activities, but this belief was untrue. He was eventually given amnesty and freed to leave.
August 1835 Returned to Louisiana

Austin, now free, returned to Louisiana. He was, at this time, prepared to remove himself from Texas politics.
August 4, 1836 Ran for President of Texas

Following the creation of the Republic of Texas, Austin ran for President of Texas. He was not elected, but briefly served as Secretary of State.
December 27, 1836 Died

Stephen Fuller Austin died of pneumonia on December 27, 1836, only a few months after he took office as Secretary of State.