Bonnie and Clyde Timeline
Timeline Description: Bonnie Parker (born October 1, 1910) and Clyde Barrow (born March 24, 1909) were the key part of the Barrow Gang, responsible for a crime spree, including a number of killings in the early 1930s. They predominantly robbed small businesses, rather than banks.

Date Event
March 24, 1909 Clyde Barrow Born

Clyde Barrow was born the fifth of seven children to a poor Texas farming family. He was first arrested in 1926, after failing to return a rental car.
October 1, 1910 Bonnie Parker Born

Bonnie Parker was born in Rowena, Texas. Her father was a bricklayer, but the family was thrown into poverty after his death when she was four. She was a good student as a young woman.
September 25, 1926 Bonnie Parker Got Married

A week before she turned 16, Bonnie Parker married Roy Thornton. The two separated by January of the following year, but never divorced.
April 1932 Bonnie Parker Arrested

By April 1932, Bonnie Parker was arrested in a failed robbery attempt in Texas. Barrow was also involved in the robbery, but was not arrested at this time.
April 30, 1932 Clyde Barrow Committed Robbery

During a shop robbery in Hillsboro, TX, a shopkeeper was shot and killed. His wife identified Clyde Barrow as the shooter.
June 17, 1932 Bonnie Released

In June 1932, the jury failed to indict Bonnie and she was released from prison. She rejoined Clyde and the Barrow Gang.
August 5, 1932 Clyde Barrow Killed Police Deputy

On August 5, 1932, Clyde Barrow and others in the Barrow Gang were caught drinking in Oklahoma. They opened fire on the law men, killing one police deputy. This was the first of a number of law officer killings.
October 11, 1932 Second Victim

Bonnie and Clyde killed a shopkeeper during a robbery in Hillsboro, Tx in October 1932. There was $60.00 in the shopkeeper's till.
January 6, 1933 Killed Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis

In December 1932, Doyle Johnson was killed as the Barrow Gang stole his car. Less than two weeks later, Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis was killed by Clyde Barrow. This was the fifth killing since April.
March 5, 1933 Bonnie's Husband Arrested

Bonnie's husband, Roy Thornton, was arrested in March 1933.
March 23, 1933 Joined by Buck Barrow

Later in March, the Barrow Gang was joined by Clyde's brother, Buck, following his release from prison.
June 1933 Car Accident

A car accident in June 1933 severely injured Bonnie Parker, causing third degree burns on her leg. The Barrow Gang, at the insistence of Clyde, tried to hide out for some time to allow her to heal.
July 24, 1933 Spotted by Civilians, Buck Barrow Died

The Barrow Gang was spotted at an abandoned amusement park near Dexter, IA. Buck and his wife were shot and killed in the firefight that followed.
May 23, 1934 Bonnie and Clyde Shot and Killed

On May 23, 1934, police ambushed, shot and killed Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, ending their crime spree.
October 3, 1937 Bonnie's Husband Killed

Bonnie's husband, Roy Thornton, was shot and killed during an attempted prison escape at Eastham Prison on October 3, 1937.