Marvel Comics Timeline
Timeline Description: Marvel Comics is one of the two dominant comic book companies in the United States today, producing large numbers of print comics, digital comics, films, and other comic book tie-ins. Today, Marvel is owned by the Disney corporation, leading to new partnerships and cooperative efforts.

Date Event
1939 Start of Timely Publications

Timely Publications began in 1939. Captain America and several of the characters in the Captain America universe, including the Red Skull date to this period in Marvel's history. This is sometimes called the Golden Age.
1950 Atlas Comics(1950s)

In the 1950s, Timely Publications became Atlas Comics. This was a period of primarily monster comics, rather than the superheroes most closely associated with Marvel today. This is commonly identified as the Monster Age.
1961 Marvel Began

In 1961, Marvel Comics officially began. This is the period commonly called the Hero Age. Spiderman and a number of other heroes date to the early years of Marvel Comics.
1961 Stan Lee(1961 to 1971)

During the period between 1961 and 1971, Stan Lee was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics. The company introduced a number of new comics and new characters during this period.
1972 Roy Thomas(1972 to 1974)

Roy Thomas was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel from 1972 to 1974. He is best remembered for the introduction of Conan the Barbarian and the trend toward sword and sorcery themed comics.
1975 Upheaval at Marvel(1975 to 1976)

The period of 1975 to 1976 had a number of different Editors-in-Chief. This was a short period of significant upheaval in the company.
1977 Archie Goodwin(1977 to 1978)

Goodwin was originally a writer on Iron Man, then served as temporary Editor-in-Chief. During his tenure, he secured comic rights to the successful Star Wars comic adaptations.
1979 Jim Shooter(1979 to 1987)

For nearly a decade, Jim Shooter headed Marvel's New York office as Editor-in-Chief. Significant successes in this period included the Uncanny X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Thor. Shooter was fired in 1987.
1988 Tom DeFalco(1988 to 1992)

Tom De Falco was Editor-in-Chief during the period when Marvel went public. This was a profitable time for Marvel.
1992 Marvel Artists Left

In 1992, a number of Marvel's illustrators left the company to found their own comic company. They wanted to keep rights to their work. They founded Image Comics.
2001 Withdrew from Comics Code

In 2001, Marvel withdrew from the Comics Code, creating its own rating system. Eventually, this led to the creation of new comic lines designed for children and mature audiences.
1997 Film Ventures(1997 to 2002)

The first significant Marvel film ventures began in 1997, with the Spiderman franchise. Today, Marvel films are some of the most significant blockbusters, raising immense amounts at the box office.
2008 Marvel Studios Productions Began

In 2008, the modern Marvel film projects, the Marvel Studios Productions, began work. Marvel Studios productions include the successful Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Avengers films and sequels.
August 31, 2009 Marvel Enterprises Bought by Disney

On August 31, 2009, the Disney Corporation bought Marvel Enterprises, paving the way for new collaborations and projects, as well as funding ongoing operations and offering opportunities for expansion.
April 2013 Joint Disney Projects

The first joint Disney project, a tie-in with the successful television series Once Upon a Time, was announced in the spring of 2013.