Henry Ford Timeline
Timeline Description: Henry Ford was the creator of the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest and longest running car companies in America. He paved the way for affordable cars, and he did it while treating his workers fairly. This is a timeline of his business workings.

Date Event
1863 Henry Ford is born

Henry was born in Michigan in 1863.
1879 Henry starts out on his own

Henry moved away from his family's farm to begin work in a factory in Detroit. He eventually went to work for Edison Illuminating Company.
1888 Henry gets married

Henry married a girl from his hometown of Greenfield Township. They lived in Detroit, Michigan.
1896 His first automobile is complete

Henry's first automobile was called the Quadricycle because it had four wheels. He rode it through the streets of Detroit.
1899 Henry devotes himself to the business of automobiles

Henry quit his position with the Edison Illuminating Company to work with Detroit Automobile Company. He soon became chief engineer.
1901 His first car company is founded

Ford opened his first car company in 1901, but he quickly resigned when there was a dispute among the bankers. In 1902 it became the Cadillac Motor Car Co.
1903 The Ford Motor Company is born

Henry Ford opened a second motor car company, calling it the Ford Motor Company. The first car produced was the Model A.
1908 The car he became famous for

In 1908 Henry Ford began producing the Model T. It quickly became famous.
1913 Henry Ford revolutionizes the way cars are made

Ford set up the first automobile assembly line, and the cars were made faster and cheaper than ever.
1918 He makes a go at politics

Henry Ford set out for the U.S. Senate, but he was turned down.
1921 Ford Motor Company becomes the dominating car company

By 1921, Ford Motor Company was putting out more than 55% of the cars in the country.
1926 Henry Ford takes to the air

Ford decided to focus his efforts on more than just cars, and he ended up with an airplane called the Tri-Motor plane.
1932 Henry puts out a V-8 engine

Henry Ford successfully put out his first V-8 engine. It was the V-8 Ford.
1941 The company joins the union

In spite of his earlier attempts to keep the company out of the union, Ford Motor Company joined UAW in 1941.
1947 Henry Ford dies

Henry died in his home at the age of 83. He was a dedicated, hard worker who used his ideas to change America.