Mother Teresa Timeline
Timeline Description: Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who spent her life living for others. She helped the poor and destitute, and she will forever be remembered for her loving acts. This is a timeline of her life and works.

Date Event
1910 Mother Teresa was born

Mother Teresa was born in Macedonia. She was named Agnes, and she later changed her name to Teresa.
1928 Agnes becomes a nun

At the age of 18, Agnes decided to dedicate herself to God's work. She became a nun and changed her name to Teresa.
1931 Sister Teresa becomes a teacher

Teresa was called Sister Teresa when she first began working at St. Mary's High School in Calcutta, India.
1937 Sister Teresa is named Mother Teresa

She became Mother Teresa when she made her Profession of the Vows. She promised to be the "Spouse of Jesus for eternity".
1944 She is promoted

In 1944 Mother Teresa became the principal of St. Mary's.
1948 Mother Teresa moves on

After seeing the poor people on the streets outside of St. Mary's, Mother Teresa asked the church leaders if she could help them. She left the school so she could minister to the poor of Calcutta.
1957 Mother Teresa opens an orphanage

Mother Teresa had a heart for the destitute, and especially for children. This led her to open her first orphanage in India.
1969 Mother Teresa establishes Missionaries of Charities

Mother Teresa worked for years with the poor. When she noticed they had no hospitals or clinics, she began working to give them medical treatment, which led to the establishment of Missionaries of Charities.
1979 She is awarded great honors

Mother Teresa was awarded many honors for her works, included the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Other awards were the Medal of Freedom and the Order of Merit from Queen Elizabeth.
1980 Mother Teresa the home builder

Mother Teresa established homes for people who had no place to live. She used the donations of people from around the world to pay for the homes.
1985 A center for AIDS

One of Mother Teresa's most notable works was the establishment of a center for people with AIDS.
1990 Her reach expands around the world

Other missionaries flocked to work with Mother Teresa. Soon she had missionaries continuing her work in over 40 countries.
1997 Mother Teresa's health declines

Mother Teresa continued her work even as she grew older and frail. By this time she had over 4000 workers in over 120 countries.
1997 Mother Teresa dies

Mother Teresa returned to Calcutta, India, for the last few weeks of her life. The world mourned for her when she passed.
2003 Mother Teresa is named a saint

Pope John Paul II began the process of Mother Teresa's beatification, which named her a saint. Her legend still lives, and she will forever be remembered for her acts of extreme love and kindness.