Clara Barton Timeline
Timeline Description: Clara Barton worked to help wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. She was called the "Angel of the Battlefield", and she later founded the American Red Cross. This is a timeline of her life.

Date Event
1821 Clara Barton is born

Clara was born in Massachusetts. She was the youngest of five kids.
1833 Clara's brother is injured

Clara cared for her injured brother for two years. It was the beginning of her medical career.
1860 Clara works for the patent office

After a career in teaching, Clara moved on to work in the patent office as a copier. This put her in Washington, closer to the action when the Civil War began.
April 1861 Clara ministers to wounded soldiers

After a war battle many wounded soldiers arrived in Washington D.C. Clara found them, and she used her own supplies to tend them.
July 1861 Clara sets up a distribution center for the wounded

Clara put an ad in Worchester Spy, asking for supplies for the wounded. She had a great response, and she set up a center to care for the wounded.
August 1862 Clara goes to the battlefields

Clara received official approval for her travel to the battlefields to care for the wounded.
September 1862 Clara is nearly killed

While working on the battlefield to help wounded soldiers, Clara was nicked by a stray bullet. She was okay, but the bullet killed the soldier she was working on.
1865 Clara looks for the missing soldiers

With the approval of President Abraham Lincoln, Clara established an office to find lost soldiers. She located over 22,000 lost soldiers.
1868 Clara gets sick

After years of relentless work, Clara's health began to decline. She lost her voice in the middle of a speech.
1869 Clara learns of the Red Cross

Clara travelled to Europe so that she could recover from her health issues. In Europe, she learned of the International Red Cross.
1870 The Franco-Prussian War

In Europe, Clara learned of the war between France and Prussia. She helped in the war relief effort there.
1881 Clara worked to establish and American Red Cross

After returning to America, Clara worked hard to establish a Red Cross in America. She wrote and distributed a pamphlet called The Red Cross of the Geneva Convention. What it is.
1881 The American Red Cross is formed

Clara succeeded in forming the American Red Cross. She was elected its first president.
Fall of 1881 The Red Cross' first mission

In late 1881, Michigan was ravaged by forest fires. The Red Cross stepped in and rebuilt 50 homes.
1880's The Red Cross grows

During the decade of the 1880's, the Red Cross helped relief efforts for floods, earthquakes, fires, and droughts.
1904 Clara publishes a work on the Red Cross

Clara published a book called A Story of the Red Cross.
1907 Clara publishes an autobiography

Clara's autobiography was titled The Story of My Childhood.
1912 Clara dies

Clara Barton died in her home at the age of 90. Her legend of helping the wounded and finding the missing has lived on with the American Red Cross. She will always be remembered as the Angel of the Batt