Muhammad Ali Timeline
Timeline Description: Muhammad Ali is a champion boxer with heavyweight titles and Olympic gold medals. His legacy has reached around the world. This is a timeline of key points of his life.

Date Event
1942 Muhammad Ali is born

Muhammad Ali was born with the name Cassius Clay.
1954 Cassius has his bike stolen

At 12 years old Cassius had his bike stolen. He was very angry, and a local policeman suggested he try boxing to help get his anger out.
1960 Cassius is a winner

Cassius Clay worked hard and won many titles, including a gold medal at the Olympics.
October 1960 Cassius wins his first pro fight

Clay won his first pro fight against a police chief named Tunney Hunsaker.
1964 Cassius Clay has his name changed

After joining the Islam faith in 1964 Cassius changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
February 1964 Ali's first heavyweight title

Muhammad Ali won his first heavyweight title against Sonny Listen.
August 1964 Ali gets married

Muhammad married Sonji Roi after knowing her for only one month.
1967 Ali refused to serve in the army

Ali was drafted into the United States Army, but he refused to serve his country based on religious reasons. He was arrested and stripped of his titles.
1970 Muhammad fights again

Muhammad was allowed to fight in Georgia, because Georgia didn't have a boxing commission to stop him. He won his fight against Jerry Quarry.
1971 The Fight of the Century

Muhammad challenged the boxing champion Joe Frazier. It was called the fight of the century, and Ali lost.
1971 Muhammad is allowed to fight officially

The Supreme Court reversed Ali's charges from his refusal to join the army. He was officially allowed to box again in any state.
1979 Muhammad retires from boxing

Muhammad Ali announced he was retiring from boxing in 1979, but he came out of retirement in 1980.
1984 Muhammad is struck with Parkinson's disease

Muhammad was diagnosed with Parkinson's, a disease that is common among boxers.
1996 Ali visits the Olympic Games again

At the summer games in Atlanta, Muhammad Ali lit and carried the torch for the Olympic Games.
2005 Muhammad Ali is awarded by the president

President George W. Bush presented Ali with two special medals, the Presidential Citizens Medal and the Medal of Freedom. Muhammad has inspired generations of people to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. He will forever be remembered as "great".