Ronald Reagan Timeline
Timeline Description: Ronald Reagan was an actor, a war veteran, and the 40th President of the United States of America. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
1911 Ronald Reagan is born

Mr. Reagan was born in Tampico, IL.
1926 Ronald gets a summer job

Mr. Reagan began working as a lifeguard in Dixon, IL. He saved 77 lives over the seven years he worked there.
1932 Reagan's TV career begins

Getting interested in television during college, Mr. Reagan started out as a local news anchor and moved up from there.
1937 Ronald Reagan. the army man

Ronald enlisted in the Army Reserves and quickly moved up in the ranks. While he worked with the army, he was "discovered" by Warner Brothers.
1940 Reagan's first film is made

Mr. Reagan played a football player in his first movie, Knute Rockne, All American.
1942 Back in the army again

Mr. Reagan was called into active duty during WWII. He went into the Army Air Force.
1945 The war ends and Reagan goes back to acting

Mr. Reagan's acting career went on for 20 years. He made over 50 films during that time.
1950 Ronald Reagan campaigns for political friends (1950's)

Mr. Reagan began campaigning for many democratic politicians, including Presidents Truman and Nixon.
1962 Ronald Reagan becomes a republican

After working for a decade with the democrats, Mr. Reagan officially switched parties to republican.
1966 Ronald Reagan the governor

Mr. Reagan ran for governor of California and he won by a landslide. He served two terms.
1980 Ronald Reagan the president

After serving two terms as governor, Mr. Reagan ran for president. He won and became the 40th US president.
1981 An assassination attempt

While leaving a hotel in Washington, President Reagan was shot and wounded. Three others were also shot, but they all survived.
1981 The first female US Supreme Court Justice

President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Conner as the first female Supreme Court Justice.
1984 Reagan is reelected

In his second election Mr. Reagan again won the vote.
1986 President Reagan orders airstrikes

After attacks on US soldiers, President Reagan ordered airstrikes in Libya. He worked hard to protect the American people.
1989 Reagan retires from politics

Reagan's presidency ended when George Bush was elected president. He retired to California where he worked on many charity projects as well as campaigned for the Republican Party.
2004 Ronald Reagan dies

Mr. Reagan died at the age of 93.