Cuban revolution Timeline
Timeline Description: The Cuban revolution was a time of turmoil and unrest in Cuba. The government changed powers as the world watched. This is a timeline of those events.

Date Event
July 1953 Fidel Castro attacks

Fulgencio Batista was the ruler of Cuba. Fidel Castro led an uprising against him by attacking the military barracks at Santiago de Cuba.
October 1953 Castro stands up for himself

After getting criticized for the Santiago attack, Fidel Castro made a speech. He said what he had done was right.
1954 Cuba gets a president

Fulgencio Batista made himself the president. He was now the sole leader of the country.
1955 Castro is released from prison

After being put in prison for his actions, Fidel is released by President Batista. Fidel Castro and his brother go to Mexico.
June 1955 The Castro brothers meet Che Guevara

The Castro brothers met Che Guevara in Mexico. He helped stir them up to continue their cause.
1956 They return to Cuba

The Castro brothers took Che Guevara and 80 other insurgents on a boat. They returned to Cuba.
January 1957 Their first victory

When they arrived in Cuba they quickly took over an army outpost on the coast. Their victory spurred others in the country to take their side.
1957 The revolutionary movement catches on

More people joined Fidel Castro's side as the year moved on. College students stormed the presidential palace and protestors were killed in the streets.
1958 The US boycotts Cuba

The United States stopped sending aid to Cuba because of the brutal fighting between its people.
April 1958 A country-wide strike

The people flocked behind Fidel Castro, so when he told them to quit working, they all went on strike. It hurt the country's economy.
May 1958 The president takes a stand

President Batista sent an army of 10,000 men to fight against Fidel Castro. Castro's small army defeated Batista's larger one.
November 1958 A plane is hijacked

A Cuban plane flying out of Miami, FL, was hijacked. The hijackers wanted to use the plane to deliver weapons to Fidel Castro's troops.
January 1959 Castro's forces advance

Fidel Castro leads his troops into Havana, and the president flees the city.
February 1959 A new government is set up

The rebel leader Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister, and elections were set up to elect other officials.
April 1959 Castro visits the US

The people in America greeted Castro like a hero, but some were nervous around him because they had heard he was a communist. They later learn they were right.