Alfred Nobel Timeline
Timeline Description: Alfred Nobel was the founder of the Nobel Prize. He invented dynamite, and it was his goal later in life to award monumental discoveries. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
1833 Alfred Nobel is born

Alfred was born in Stockholm, Sweden.
1850 Alfred travels abroad

Alfred moved to Paris, and then traveled to Germany and America. He used this time to study.
1856 The Nobel family factory goes bankrupt

Alfred's father owned a factory in Russia, but after the Crimean Wars he went bankrupt. Alfred began working with nitroglycerin in order to help his father's factory.
1863 Alfred applies for patents

Alfred applied for patents for his work with nitroglycerin.
1864 Alfred's brother dies

While working on nitroglycerin with Alfred, his brother was killed.
1866 Dynamite is born

Alfred moved to the United States and continued his work with nitroglycerin. He discovered that it became safer with added elements, and the result was dynamite.
1867 Dynamite was patented

Alfred Nobel applied for a patent for his new discovery.
1873 They open a dynamite plant

Alfred returned to Europe where he started the first of several factories. They manufactured dynamite.
1887 More exploding discoveries

Alfred discovered a new element that could be used for blasting. It was called ballistite.
1888 Alfred looks at change

Another of Alfred's brothers died, but the newspaper accidentally published that it was Alfred and they weren't kind about him, and said that dynamite killed many people. Alfred wanted to change his legacy.
1891 Alfred stops inventing and moves away

Alfred had a disagreement with the French government and moved to Italy, where he stopped his experimentations.
1895 Alfred thinks up the Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel made a Will, and he set aside most of his money to establish the Nobel Prizes which would award those who made great discoveries.
1896 Alfred Nobel dies

Alfred Nobel died at the age of 63.
1900 The Nobel medals

The Nobel Prize committee decided to give a medal to the winner of each Nobel Prize. Prizes are awarded for science, peace, medicine, physics, chemistry, and literature.
2012 The Nobel Prize still going

As of 2012, 555 Nobel Prizes have been awarded.