Elizabeth Blackwell Timeline
Timeline Description: Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to earn a medical degree and become a doctor. She made a huge step for women around the world, and this is a timeline of her life.

Date Event
February 3, 1821 Elizabeth Blackwell is born

Elizabeth was born in England to Samuel and Hannah Blackwell.
1832 The Blackwell family moves to New York

Elizabeth's family moved to New York when she was 11 years old.
1839 Elizabeth becomes a teacher

Elizabeth became a teacher so that she could earn money. She wanted to go to medical school.
1845 Elizabeth takes her education into her own hands

When Elizabeth tried to enter medical school, no one would take her because she was a woman. She moved to North Carolina where she studied under a local doctor.
1847 Geneva College says yes and Elizabeth moves again

Geneva College in New York finally agreed to accept Elizabeth as a student. She moved to New York right away.
1848 A pioneer for women

Elizabeth was called a pioneer for women. This was because of her determination to be a doctor.
1849 Elizabeth graduates from medical school

Elizabeth became the first woman to graduate from medical school. No hospital would hire her, though, so she moved to Paris to practice medicine there.
1857 Elizabeth opens her own practice

Elizabeth returned to New York but still no one would hire her. She decided to open her own practice for women and children.
1861 The Civil War begins

During the Civil War, Elizabeth trained many women to work as nurses for the wounded soldiers. President Lincoln praised the work of the women during the war.
1868 Elizabeth opens her own college

Elizabeth earned a good reputation during the war, and she was finally accepted among the people. She opened her own college to train women in the medical field.
1869 Elizabeth expands her practice

Elizabeth traveled with Florence Nightingale to England, where she opened up another college for women. She was the first woman on the medical register in England.
1871 Elizabeth Blackwell the published author

Elizabeth wrote a book called The Religion of Health. She talked about cleanliness and being healthy.
1875 Furthering her education and moving up

Elizabeth worked hard and became a professor of gynecology at the London School of Medicine.
1907 Elizabeth retires from practicing medicine

Elizabeth retired from teaching and practicing medicine when she had an accident that put her in bad health.
1910 Elizabeth Blackwell dies

Elizabeth died at the age of 89 in England. She faced a lot of trials and tribulations in order to fulfill her dreams. But she never gave up, and she will always be remembered as a pioneer of women.