Mesopotamia Timeline
Timeline Description: Mesopotamia is the first lands where people formed villages and farms. It is called the birth of civilization, and this is a timeline of its history.

Date Event
5000 BC The first people move in

People called the Sumer moved into the land called Mesopotamia. They planted crops and began farming the land.
4000 BC The Sumer build temples to their gods

The Sumer people built temples called ziggurats to worship their gods. They began building large and powerful cities.
3300 BC The written language is invented

The Sumer people began using pictures for words, and they would draw the pictures to write sentences.
3200 BC The wheel is invented

As the people became smarter and learned more, they invented more items. They invented the wheel to make their vehicles roll.
2330 BC Mesopotamia gets new rulers

The Sumerian people were taken over by the Akkadians. The Akkadians established the Akkadian Empire.
1900 BC Another change of power happens

The Assyrians came in and defeated the land's rulers, making Mesopotamia come under Assyrian rule.
1792 BC Babylon moves into power

Hammurabi, the Babylonian king, took power of Mesopotamia.
1750 BC The Babylonians lose their power

After the death of King Hammurabi the land fell apart. It was taken over by the Kassites in 1595.
1250 BC The people begin to use iron in their inventions

The Assyrians eventually took back the land of Mesopotamia. They began using iron to make stronger weapons and chariots.
705 BC The capital city is named

Nineveh became the capital city of the Assyrian's land.
668 BC The great library is built

After Nineveh was named the capital, the rulers of the land built a huge library there.
550 BC The Persians take over Mesopotamia

Under the king Cyrus the Great, the Persians took control of the land. He allowed the Jewish slaves to return to their land of Israel.
522 BC The land is divided into states

Darius I became the ruler and he divided the land into different states. He called them satraps.
490 BC The Greeks take rule of Mesopotamia

While still under the lead of Darius I, the Greeks moved in and took rule.
333 BC Alexander the Great is leader

The famous Alexander the Great moved through the land and took control. It was the end of Mesopotamia's seat as the world's powers.