Harry Houdini Timeline
Timeline Description: Harry Houdini was a world famous magician and escape artist. His shows brought excitement and thrills, and people everywhere loved him. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
March 24, 1874 Harry Houdini is born

Harry was born as Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary.
1878 Ehrich's family moves to America

Ehrich's family moved to Wisconsin to be with family there.
1883 Ehrich puts on his first show

When he was 9 years old, Ehrich put on his first show. It was a circus, and he called himself the Prince of the Air.
1891 Ehrich changes his name

Ehrich moved with his father to New York and he started doing magic shows with a friend. He started calling himself Harry Houdini.
1893 The Houdini Brothers perform in their first big show

Harry had joined up with a friend, and they called themselves the Brothers Houdini. Their first big show was in Chicago.
1893 The Brothers Houdini changes names

Harry's friend stopped performing, and he was eventually replaced with a girl named Bess. Bess and Harry were married, and the show was called "The Houdinis".
1895 The Houdinis gain some fame

The Houdini's first famous trick was one where they traded places inside a locked trunk. Harry also did tricks escaping from handcuffs.
1898 Harry Houdini's school of magic

Harry had a catalogue made up to mail out for Harry Houdini's school of magic. He was frustrated with the business and considered quitting.
1899 Houdini catches his first big break

Houdini's show was seen by a theater manager who asked Harry to start working for him. Houdini began work in the theater and soon everyone was coming to see him.
1900 Houdini travels to Europe

Houdini travelled to England and then Germany, doing all of his tricks. He became famous overseas.
1904 Houdini escapes from master handcuffs

A blacksmith in England had taken 5 years to make an escape-proof set of handcuffs. It took Houdini 1 hour to break free.
1906 Houdini breaks out of prison

Harry Houdini was locked in a Washington D.C. prison cell, but he escaped easily.
1907 Houdini jumps off a bridge

Houdini allowed himself to be handcuffed and chained, and then he jumped off a bridge. When he escaped and came up for air, the crowds celebrated.
1918 Houdini begins his movie career

Houdini acted in a movie called The Master Mystery, and later he started his own production company.
1926 Harry Houdini dies

Harry died in Detroit after a show, from complication of appendicitis. The world mourned for their favorite magician, but his thrilling acts are still used and remembered today.