John Steinback Timeline
Timeline Description: John Steinback was a Noble prize-winning American Author. He was one of the most-read authors of all time. This is a timeline of his life and books.

Date Event
February 27, 1902 John is born

John was born in California, in his family home called the Steinback House.
1925 John goes to college

John attended Stafford University, though he didn't graduate. Instead he moved to New York.
1925 John's life in New York is rough

John did odd jobs in New York while looking for a publisher for his book. No publishers wanted to publish his work.
1926 John returns to California

John returned to California where kept working toward his goal of publication.
1929 His first novel is published

John finally found a publisher for his novel, and it was published. It was called Cup of Gold.
1935 John's books are awarded

John was given the Gold Medal for Best Book by a Californian. It was for his book, Tortilla Flat.
1937 Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men was published. It became an American classic.
1939 Grapes of Wrath

John's work, Grapes of Wrath, was published.
1940 John gets a Pulitzer Prize

John was given the Pulitzer Prize for Grapes of Wrath.
1947 The Pearl is written

John wrote The Pearl, and it later became a movie.
1960 John Steinback travels America

John travelled across America with no one but his dog, Charley. He said he loved America and wanted to see all of it.
1962 The Nobel Prize

John won the Nobel Prize in literature for all of his literary masterpieces. Thirty of his books were published.
1968 John Steinback dies

John died in New York. He was buried in the Garden of Memories.
1979 John gets his own postal stamp

The United States Postal Service issued a stamp in John Steinback's honor.
1984 John continues to receive honors

John was awarded the Gold Medallion by the American Arts. His literature has lived on as classics, and it is still read today.