Leif Ericson Timeline
Timeline Description: Leif Ericson was a Viking explorer from Norway who is said to have found North America long before Christopher Columbus. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
975 Leif Ericson was born

Leif Ericson was born in Norway. He had two brothers and a sister.
986 Leif's family moves to Greenland

Leif's father was an outlaw and an explorer. He moved the family to Greenland where they started two colonies.
999 Leif's ship is blown off course

Leif left Greenland to sail back to Norway for supplies. His ship was blown off course and he ended up in Canada.
1000 Leif finally returns to Norway

Leif left Canada several months later and finally returned to Norway. In Norway he was urged to return to Greenland.
1001 Leif Ericson, the missionary

Leif returned to Greenland as he had been asked. He told the people there about Christianity, and many of them converted.
1002 Another voyage west is made

The people decided to find the land that Leif had discovered. They were in need of wood, so they set sail for the land to find it.
1003 Leif returns to Greenland with timber

Leif found the wood he was looking for and returned to Greenland. On his journey he rescued another boat, and he was named "Leif the Lucky" for his work.
1020 Leif Ericson dies

This is the year that historians believe Leif died, although there is no proof.
1838 Leif's tale reaches Americans

Leif's accounts of his journeys were written in Norse. They were finally found and translated into English, and when Americans learned of the stories, Leif became famous.
1867 Viking remains found in Norway

The remains of Viking ships were found in Norway. People debated about whether they were Leif's ships.
1887 A memorial of Leif Ericson is erected

A Norwegian sculptor made a statue of Leif to celebrate his accomplishments. The statue stood in Boston.
1963 Viking remains found in Canada

No one knew for sure where Leif's ship had landed, but archeologists found Viking remains in Newfoundland. It is generally believed that this is where he landed.
1965 Leif Ericson Day is founded

October 9 is officially Leif Ericson day. It commemorates the date the first immigrant ship from Norway reached America.
1997 A memorial to immigrants from Norway

A statue of Leif Ericson was built, and names of Norwegian immigrants were inscribed into the base of the statue.
2010 The numbers keep rising

As of this year, 1757 names had been inscribed into the Leif Ericson statue for immigrants.