Beethoven Timeline
Timeline Description: Beethoven was one of the world's greatest musicians. His work changed musical history. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
December 16, 1770 Beethoven is born

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn. His father was a musician.
1778 Beethoven played his first concert

Beethoven took his father's musical abilities. He played his first public concert at the age of seven.
1783 Beethoven's talents are recognized early

Beethoven was thirteen years old when he replaced his teacher as a musician in the king's court at Cologne.
1784 Beethoven the composer

Beethoven composed his first piano concerto when he was 14. He composed other music, as well.
1787 Beethoven travels

He travelled to Vienna where he met Mozart.
1798 Beethoven goes to college

Beethoven enrolled at Bonn University.
1794 Beethoven notices signs of deafness

Beethoven first began to notice problems in his hearing when he was24. By now he had composed a violin concerto, a string trio, and many other pieces.
1800 Beethoven composes a ballet

Beethoven continued composing sonatas and concertos, and in 1800 he composed the Prometheus Ballet.
1803 Beethoven worked on his famous 1st and 2nd symphonies

Beethoven published his first symphony in 1800 and the second symphony in 1803.
1805 The Eroica Symphony

Beethoven had worked for many years on the Eroica Symphony composition. He held his first audition for it in 1805.
1810 Beethoven meets Bettina Brentano

Beethoven met the famous novelist and artist Bettina Brentano. Bettina was known for her many talents, such as singing, composing, and writing.
1812 Piano Concerto number 5

Beethoven composed and played the famous piano concerto number 5.
1814 Beethoven's hearing was gone

Beethoven's deafness progressed over the years and by 1814 he couldn't hear anything at all.
1827 Beethoven makes his will

Due to failing health, Beethoven made his last will and testament.
March 26, 1827 Beethoven dies

Beethoven died at the age of 56. He was a brilliant composer whose music has touched the world.
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