Set 1: 2nd Grade Vocabulary
Term Definition
Above At a higher level when compared to something else
Accident An event that happens by chance and without cause or reason
Accumulation A gathering of something
Against In opposition to
Agree To have the same opinion about something
Almost Not quite
Alter Change or cause to change
Appearance Coming into public view
Arrive Reach a place at the end of a journey
Asleep A state of sleep
Astronomy The branch of science that deals with space and the universe
Atlas A book of maps or charts
Attention Notice taken of something or someone
Attract Reason to come to a place or participate in an event
Award To mark recognition of an event or happening with a prize
Aware Having knowledge or a situation or facts about a topic
Balance An even distribution of weight
Banner A long strip of cloth with a design or slogan
Bare Uncovered or naked, exposing a part of the body or other thing
Base The lowest part or edge of something
Beach Run up onto the ground, esp. the beach