Ordinal Numbers in French

This lesson focuses on the ordinal numbers. These are essentially the adjective form of the cardinal numbers [first, second, third, etc.] As in English, these number forms can be accompanied by the definite article and used as nouns, as well [the first, the second, the third, etc.]

Here are the most commonly used ordinal numbers:

Premier/Première [first]
Second(e)/Deuxième [second]
Troisième [third]
Quatrième [fourth]
Cinquième [fifth]
Sixième [sixth]
Septième [seventh]
Huitième [eighth]
Neuvième [ninth]
Dixième [tenth]

As you can see, ordinal numbers are invariable except the two first ones that have a feminine and a masculine form:
La première maison. (The first house)
Le premier homme. (The first man)
La seconde chanson. (The second song)
Le second voyage. (The second travel)

For the adjective "second" in English, you have in French two terms that are synonyms "second(e)" and "deuxième", but "second(e)" is less used.

When used as adjectives, these ordinal numbers must agree in gender with the noun they describe.
Le sixième livre. (The sixth book)
La sixième image. (The sixth picture)

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