12 Angry Men Act 3 Summary

Act three again continues write where act two left off. The guard knocks on the door to make sure everything is okay since he heard the yelling. The Foreman tells him that he can take away the diagram of the apartment. Six suggests they try another vote. The Foreman calls out their journey numbers, and the result is that they are tied at six votes each with Jurors two, six, and eleven having switched to the side of not guilty. Ten is upset, and Three suggests they tell the judge it's a hung jury.

After arguing for a bit, Two suggests they talk about the stab wound. He says he finds it hard to believe that a boy who is five feet eight inches tall could make a downward stab into a man who is six two. Three volunteers to show him how it's done then takes out a knife, bends down to be shorter, and pretends to stab it into Eight's chest. Eight points out that the boy was an experienced knife fighter, so it seems awkward to stab someone overhanded in that way. Five admits that he has witnessed plenty of knife fights, and they always hold the blade underhanded. Seven wants the whole discussion to be over, so he changes his vote to not guilty. Eight asks for another vote. The Foreman has them raise their hands, and nine of the men vote for not guilty including Twelve, the Forman, and Nine.

At this point Juror ten starts rambling about "those people" and how they can't be trusted, they are violent, and they don't care about other people. As he speaks, the other jurors leave the table one by one to look out the window instead of listening to him. Four finally tells him that he needs to stop talking. Four confesses that he still believes the boy is guilty due to the evidence of the woman across the street who says she saw the murder. Two takes off his glasses to polish them; then he asks Eleven what time it is. Six notices and asks if he can see the clock at all without his glasses on. He then asks if he wears his glasses to bed to which Two replies that he does not. Eleven remembers that the woman who testified wore bifocals. If she had sat up in bed and looked out the window when she heard the commotion, she wouldn't have had time to put on her glasses; therefore, all she saw was likely a blur.

Eight asks the jurors if anyone still feels there's not room for reasonable doubt. Four states that he has been convinced. Three is the only one who is still holding out. They ask Three to state his reasons again, and he says he won't be intimidated that he's entitled to his own opinion. They wait until finally Three slams fist fist on the table, and says "all right." The Foreman goes to the door and knocks. Everyone files out until Eight and Three are the only jurors left. Three pulls the knife out of the table and walks toward Eight with it pointing it toward him. Then Three turns the knife around and offers Eight the handle. Eight closes the knife and takes a look around before exiting the room last.

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